Tronolone Package

Tronolone Package

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Two terrific Tronolone DVDs in one package.

Space Monkeys II

The team at Tronolone Productions has done it again. Not content with ushering in the newest era of performance in kiteboarding with the release of Space Monkeys last year, they now present the most anticipated film of the year with part 2. While filming Space Monkeys 2 with Jeff Tobias, Will James, Martin Vari and Jaime Herriaz the Tronolone Productions team captured the best wave footage ever filmed! Edgy soundtracks and super tight editing has become Tronolone's trademark and has established them as the most popular kiteboarding video producers. Space Monkeys 2 will only further that reputation.

All & All Is All We Are

Tronolone Productions Presents to you, Snow Kiting at its finest, with the world’s best snow kiters!

Snowboards, skis, big airs, flights, Idaho Freestyle and deep Utah Powder Lines, the most progressive snow kiting, all here in Buster Tronolone’s latest vision of this great new sport of snowkiting.

Featuring Alex Peterson, Guillaume Chastagnol (better known as Chasta), Matt Thames, Chris Nester, Remi Meum, Sam Medysky, Jason Jerman, and Jacob Buzianis.

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