Wave Finder USA & Hawaii

Wave Finder USA & Hawaii


Wave-finder - USA & Hawaii

Small but perfectly formed, Wave-finder USA & Hawaii holds alot of pride amongs the Wave-finder crew. Somehow Larry Blair, twice Pipeline Masters winner and his old mate Buzzy Kerbox, Hawaiian surfing legend, have covered over 1000 breaks in the three main regions, broken down into 'books within books' with the help of guys like Bobby Owens, Dave Yester, Cheyn Horan, the late great lensmen Colonel Al Benson and literally hundereds of other surf lovers. There's Hawaii, profiling several hundred spots with a unique Tow-in guide; West Coast from California all the way up to the Washington border with Canada; and the East Coast, from Key Biscayne to northern Maine. In additon, there's a section on the Gulf Coast and a mini-guie to Puerto Rico. Surely the most comprehensive surfing guide ever written to the States.

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