Issue #39

Issue #39



If you fancy your hand at this kiting lark, but are unsure what you'll need, or are a bit anxious about what it all entails, then look no further. We've assembled a wealth of information from shop owners, instructors and manufacturers from around the world to bring you the ultimate guide to the essentials you'll need to get out on the water as safely and quickly as possible. Issue #39 also contains our summer wetsuit guide as well as info on harnesses, impact jackets and more.

For the more initiated, don't worry if you're going bananas waiting for the wind. We're certainly committed to getting you out more, and doesn't the postman know it! Issue #39 is a whopping 172 pages of unadulterated fuel for the kink in your kite passion.

Getting down to it, we get techy with Litewave's board man, Dave Turner, Ozone's kite designer, Robbie Whittall and the much-missed from the sport and new company MD, Martin Vari. We take you on a trip to the Seychelles, we climb aboard a 57-foot yacht to see if life at the helm is as sweet as we think and Miguel ends up in Kenya. Boosting your knowledge, we teach you how to hit-the-lip, throw huge transitions, introduce the down-loop into your repertoire and we also talk to four of the UK's best riders who've spent their careers in the shadow of a legend.

Jeff Pfeffer finally decided what sedative he'd need before analysing the working group dynamics of the Eclipse team. “They've got more energy than six mad hares in a paper sack! Need a cup of joe, a clove, a handful of painkillers and a few shots of rum I reckon before getting down to this one, Jim!” A day in the life: a life in a daze! He tells the tale of living to ride, the knocks that have been taken on the way and making it pay... just enough to be able to ride tomorrow, of course.

Swerving hail bullets, praying for the skies to clear and the breeze to not drop was the name of the game for the KW test team, who were more like stealthy marines in their rapid responses to the often surprise attacks they got in the brief windows of wind from February to April. We believe we've found some fantastic items to make the summer of '09 your best yet with these racked up in your van ready to drop.

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