Kitewold Magazine RSS Kiteworld Magazine recent news and articles RSS feed Wed, 16 Apr 2014 10:43:20 +0000 Thu, 01 Aug 2013 00:00:00 +0000 1800 Final Day Red Bull Unfastened e69c20ef9ad7806a2b5aa439081abc35 Video Action - Red Bull Unfastened Action, Reaction and Video Round-Up from The Kite Show 77cf5334742e397ac486214be84cfd89 Red Bull Unfastened Strapless Freestyle Discipline Results and images from the first event in the weeklong throwdown in Sardinia b045fc5b764f5806b6da201b329b44f7 Redbull Unfastened Preview First day at the Red Bull Unfastened event in Sardinia 8e1cb090bac39ad347a70ba186bba6d2 Red Bull Ragnarok Two hundred snowkiters chase legend in Norway 7a40cc55c2e6cc8958fa333c16259ac0 Behind the Scenes at the Kite Racing Worlds Freestyler Lewis Crathern to present an undercover report a730e66f0a7453ccc06f786e4513febe Vatnajokull Expedition 2014 Four adventurers will attempt to snow-kite across Vatnajökull in Iceland, Europe's largest icecap 048ca410747c0bb4db3c23aec8587253 Shacks Beach, Puerto Rico Ride guide from Best team rider Brandon Cordina 9e6a10ccfe50bdea0db58ce10a146a8e Ride Guide - Shacks Beach, Puerto Rico Best team rider Brandon Cordina presents a low down on this advanced point break that throws up classic wave kiting conditions ad97ab64a7ea9d72597de6537690364f La Ventana KiteFoil GoldCup #1 Maxime Nocher & Sophie Caillet win the inaugural IKA KiteFoil GoldCup 5fd2b3e5c48af567c04de54b6e85f8c5