Kitewold Magazine RSS Kiteworld Magazine recent news and articles RSS feed Wed, 17 Sep 2014 22:12:06 +0000 Thu, 01 Aug 2013 00:00:00 +0000 1800 Registration Day - BGK Grand Slam Riders take advantage of the typically windy Brazilian conditions before the trials elimination begins tomorrow 16021d7c796057b778635229e9071798 Important Safety Announcement for the VKSA Safety officer Crathern with his own brand of dos and don'ts video... 1c6aeb7443836a26d21a5789c0577f48 New Len10 Site and New Movie Ruben Lenten's new video just released... along with a new website! a121b0b212c04cf55beb8af763d9fb30 Win a Cabrinha ACE kiteboard Guess who the new Cabrinha mystery rider is for your chance to win an ACE kiteboard fac23239bdc82b10f147c943bee6763e Gaming for the Kiteboarding Generation! Woo Sports Inventor Leo Koenig Interview. Get a Woo, get on the water and take on Ruben Lenten at his own game! 46db6c9668ad2255af66459d1fbd4e5b Cabrinha Control Systems Recall Small number of 2015 1X and Overdrive 1X control systems to be adjusted a63efb72d2c55057dd52cac646200e15 The National Watersports Festival 2014 Last weekend saw 10,000 people exposed to watersports in the UK 5a4e97c824562f08d1ea2f9a78ee1208 Epic Close to the Tarifa Pro Kite Tour 2014 Tack and Winkowska successfully defend their finishes in the single eliminations, taking home the top podium positions ec66c2e2bbab91a21ea882a5449de958 Tack and Winkowska Take the Singles in Tarifa Christophe Tack (BE) and Karolina Winkowska (PL) top the podiums at the PKRA in Tarifa ec642956b9cbdb120e422c78a2f9271c National Watersports Festival 5 - 7 September Get yourself down to Hayling Island to get in on the action! 6c5a7edb74b0a0abcf8afe7757976a9d