Kitewold Magazine RSS Kiteworld Magazine recent news and articles RSS feed Thu, 27 Nov 2014 11:44:36 +0000 Thu, 01 Aug 2013 00:00:00 +0000 1800 The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada To Hit Cape Town Stand by for more world record action in Feb 2016 37a1068ed7a8d2c7285c17d13c1594ac Win a Kitelement Re Solve Board Find out how to win here.... f17930e3eb2cb0a2f79b4ef4fe04722c Sam Light Video Promo for Issue 72 Check out the skills from our featured rider! 0ba74fd1864cf18d3786e49d8bb7cad9 International Female Kite Week KB4girls calls girls and women around the world to join the celebrations during International Female Kite Week Dec 1-7, 2014 1caf39b346b5f92b5861695adfa5c675 Issue #72 Wallpapers Wallpaper images from Kiteworld Mag Issue #72 369db4a50e7fb7e44055c829ee508b94 Issue #71 Wallpaper Wallpaper images from Kiteworld Mag Issue #71 35d662bf70379f41fcb20383588ce6c5 Bouldings Basics Video and Image Special! Accompanying James Boulding's special new Honduras video, we asked him these questions! 83716bded7c9a0b289bc69765ac17eda Surf Series Airush Action Video Get a slice of history from the beginning of the sport, through to the latest elements of shred! e27689b2b1de4cbc3f7697fd6cfda9c2 Collegiate Kiteboarding Tour Stop 2 Fantastic tour, great people and check out this sweet Alex Fox Slingshot special design! 8a019a4c244bc01f0753a80d7d7b085f International Kiting for Kids Day Toy Drive Making a difference to families with children who have cancer at Christmas 11f87540fd313cc8db53086920dcc49e