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Sy Leonard

Sy LeonardNationality: British
Date of Birth: 14 November 1973
Lives: Norfolk, UK
Started Kiting: Before 1998
Sponsors: Flexifoil, Edgepowerkites


Description: Old, enthusiastic, film-maker, happy, daddy

Kitebuggying Style:
Fast, furious, fun, freeride, foolish!
Top Places to Ride: Norfolk - Brancaster (the spiritual home of Freestyle Buggying!), Cromer (where it all began for me), West Runton (crazy location with some silly terrain!), Cornwall - Loads of little spots to find and explore, Scotland - the right to roam means that it's a buggiers playground!
Favourite Moves: Big Air Kiteloops, Aerial 360 to 2 Wheel Landing, Heel Clickers, Inverts, You Still Cant Beat going Backwards....Very Fast!

Riding Tips: The single most important tip is HAVE FUN. Dont rush into getting airs - learn the basics first, it will make all the difference. Get some tuition and cut out all the mistakes we made whilst learning! Get your insurance sorted-99% of flying sites require it. Use your imagination-buggying is still a new sport and people are coming up with new possibilities all the time!

Website: www.sylenzfilms.com

Sy Leonard
Sy Leonard
Sy Leonard

Added: 2008-08-16

Category: Rider profiles

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