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Sander Lenten

sander lenten flexifoil kitesurfing Nationality: Dutch
Date of Birth: 09 February 1987

Lives: Noordwijk, (Brussels and Arizona for school purposes)
Started Kiting: 2002
Sponsors: Flexifoil, Mystic, Daarom.com
Competes: PKRA, KPWT, Local Comps


Description: Serious (when I have to be), funny (most of the time), happy, confusing (when I try to explain something), honest
Kitesurfing Style: Powerful, innovative, mixed (oldschool / new skool), fun, inspiring

Top Places to Ride: Virgin Islands, Isla Coche (Venezuela), Brazil, Paros (Greece), Noordwijk (Holland)

Favourite Moves: Megaloops, grabbed KGB, flat spins, Japan air to blind, low mobe
Riding Tips: Don`t brag about stuff you can`t do, stick to your own style, improve your style before learning a new trick, keep kite low, keep speed during the whole powermove (also landing)
Website: www.sanderlenten.com
flexifoil kiteboarding Mystic kiteboarding

sander lenten flexifoil kitesurfing
sander lenten flexifoil kitesurfing
sander lenten flexifoil kitesurfing
sander lenten flexifoil kitesurfing

Added: 2009-03-25

Category: Rider profiles

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