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Peter Tyushkevich

peter flexifoil kitesurfingNationality: Russian
Date of Birth: 16 June 1987
Lives: Last 3 years in different places
Started Kiting: 5 years ago
Sponsors: Flexifoil, Balance Boards, Dakine, Npx, Grafit Fitness Club
Competes: Freestyle (eg PKRA Race, Wave and BKSA)


Description: Restless, funny, rock 'n' roll
Kitesurfing Style: Smooth, agressive, stable

Top Places to Ride: Mauritius, Venezuela, Tarifa, South Africa, Australia
Favourite Moves: Low mobe, frontmobe, blind judge, KGB
Riding Tips: Oh, just go fast! Pop as hard as possible

peter flexifoil kitesurfing
peter flexifoil kitesurfing
peter flexifoil kitesurfing
peter flexifoil kitesurfing
peter flexifoil kitesurfing

Added: 2009-04-03

Category: Rider profiles

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