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Nick Jacobsen

Nick JacobsenNationality: Danish

Date of Birth: 01 October 1987

Lives: Denmark
Started Kiting: 2004
Sponsors: Slingshot, Electric, ProLimit, Brunotti

Competes: PKRA World Tour


Description: Chilled, happy, positive, focused
Kitesurfing Style: Powerful, aggressive, technical, dedicated and goofy
Top Places to Ride: South Africa, Denmark, Brazil, The Gorge, Tarifa
Favourite Moves: Backmobe, Frontmobe, Kiteloop Handlepass, KGB. I just like to try all new moves that are being developed and try to create some moves myself
Riding Tips: Have fun on the beach and on the water, you need to be focused if you want go pro, save up some cash so you are always ready to go to a competition or a shoot for your sponsors, take care of your equipment, when you are out training, try not to lose your focus like being interrupted by other riders on the water!

Website: www.nickjacobsen.com

ProLimit Brunotti

Nick Jacobsen
Nick Jacobsen
Nick Jacobsen
Nick Jacobsen

Added: 2008-08-16

Category: Rider profiles

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