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Mallory De la Villemarqué

Mallory De la VillemarquéNationality: French
Date of Birth: 16 July 1987
Lives: Tarifa (Spain)
Started Kiting: 2002
Sponsors: North Kiteboarding, KEA Spirit, ION, Mormaii Sunglasses
Competes: PKRA World Tour


Description: Sleepy - after 10 pm (Need My 8 to 10 Hrs), promiscous ? I've got two girlfriends (my Mac and the girl), irresistible - says the girl, not the Mac, very infantile ? I´ll never grow up? in my mind... te quiero mucho tonto?, musical ? I've got a guitar? I like to watch It
Kitesurfing Style: Slow-mo, technical (I try), young, likeable, engaged (sometimes)able, engaged (sometimes)
Top Places to Ride: Lagoons of Brazil, Tarifa, Mauritius (One eye), North of Fuerteventura, Guadeloupe (French West Indies)
Favourite Moves: Beach Starts With Handle Pass, Double Handle Passes, Switch Double Handle Passes, Landing Face First, Landing A Trick With The Kite Falling In The Water
Riding Tips: Bend your knees like a cowboy, use a safe leash for unhooked tricks, your head leads in the tricks, the body follows, pop is key in powered moves, so don't be scared to go fast, pop hard and go high, use a North Mallory Pro model board, and it will do it all for you?

Website: www.malloryprokiter.com
www.ion-essentials.com www.mormaiieyewear.com

Mallory De la Villemarqué
Mallory De la Villemarqué
Mallory De la Villemarqué

Added: 2008-08-13

Category: Rider profiles

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