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Kai Lenny

kai lenny naish kitesurfing Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 08 October 1992
Lives: Maui, Hawaii
Started Kiting: June 2002

Sponsors: Naish, Red Bull, Oxbow

Competes: I like to compete in the Waves (eg. PKRA Race, Wave and BKSA)
Description: Competitive, excited, driven, focused and never tired...

Kitesurfing Style: Surfing style, top to buttom turns, fast, explosive and committed

Top Places to Ride: Hookipa, Baby Beach, Outer Reefs, Namotu Lefts, C Street
Favourite Moves: Air reverse, off the lip, barrels, tail whips, the bottom turn

Riding Tips: Know your limits, stay fluid on the wave, keep you kite at 11 o` clock or 1 o` clock depending what tack you are on

Website: www.hawaiianwaterman.com
Naish Kiteboarding Red Bull Energy Drink Oxbow Clothing

kai lenny naish kitesurfing
kai lenny naish kitesurfing
kai lenny naish kitesurfing
kai lenny naish kitesurfing

Added: 2009-03-26

Category: Rider profiles

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