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Gabi Steindl

gabi steindl Nationality: Austria

Date of Birth: 16 October 1975
Lives: In my North quiverbag all year round, all across the globe

Started Kiting: 2002
Sponsors: North Kiteboarding, ION, Oakley

Competes: Dedicated freerider, kite-globetrotting our stunning mother earth in co-operation with leading media-channels, documenting trips, travel, kiteaction and lifestyle in articles + film. Check out www.kitegabi.com for more!

Description: Passionate waterwoman (kite, surf, SUP,...), anything related to my life-force the ocean, energy, loves life and with a very unusual background for a kite-pro, super stoked to live my dreams!
Kitesurfing Style: Powerful, fluid, luvin' the true surf-feeling in the waves, i.e. big board, tiny kite

Top Places to Ride:, Mauritius, New Zealand, Can't tell u more otherwise lynched by locals ;) .. Plus so many more places 2 go 2 !!!
Favourite Moves: Anything that feels right and gives joy of becoming one with the elements. Luv 2 boost big air, luv wakestyle, waves... all depending on the conditions of that very session

Riding Tips: Always respect the power of mother nature and do never overestimate yours! For riding, travel, fitness, nutrition... tips and way more, just go to my website and check the 'HELP' section.
And another tip for life in general: Dare 2 ride waves of passion, carpe diem & live ur dreams !

Website: www.kitegabi.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Gabi_Steindl

Gabi Steindl gets ready to fly

Doing what she does best

Gabi ready to launch in

Gabi keeps a mind / body balance

Added: 2009-07-01

Category: Rider profiles

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