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Fabio Ingrosso

fabio ingrosso north kitesurfing Nationality: Swiss

Date of Birth: 16 December 1973
Lives: Genova
Started Kiting: Since 1995
Sponsors: North Kiteboarding, Scott Sports, keaspirit.com, Kitetravel4all.com
Competes: Snowkitemaster, freeride, travel stories

Description: Snowkitemaster, freeride, travel stories
Kitesurfing Style: Snowkitemaster, freeride, travel stories
Top Places to Ride: Paracuru, Coche, Paros, Norway, Greece

Favourite Moves: Big fly, backmob, KL handelpass, megaloop, kiteloop mobydick
Riding Tips: Choice a school to learn, ride all time with a leash, do your best, respect the nature, enjoy life kiting...
Website: www.fabioingrosso.com

north kiteboard scott

fabio ingrosso north kitesurfing
fabio ingrosso north kitesurfing
fabio ingrosso north kitesurfing
fabio ingrosso north kitesurfing

Added: 2009-03-11

Category: Rider profiles

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