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Eric Rienstra

eric rienstra Nationality: American

Date of Birth: 18 December 1987
Lives: Kings Beach, CA

Started Kiting: 2003
Sponsors: Slingshot, Dakine, Transcend

In Boots

Description: Slacker, chillin, always down, hungry, Irie
Kitesurfing Style: Big, technical, fast, smooth, slack

Top Places to Ride: Hood River, Sherman Island, Maui, Hatteras, Cancun!
Favourite Moves: Switch mutte FS 3/5/7 off a kicker, switch bee sting FS 3 (melon s-mobe), switch toe side melon FS 3/5/7, fat chance, KGB mexican roll style off a wave

Riding Tips: Control your whip, get alack, fall a lot, be aware of what is going on around you, ride with friends

Website: www.slingshotsports.com, www.dakine.com, www.transcendapparel.com

Eric Rienstra

Eric Rienstra

Added: 2009-07-01

Category: Rider profiles

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