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the kitemags out here just aren't the same - they're pants! John Beavis, Canada...

John Beavis, Canada

We think your magazine puts all the others to shame, and we anxiously await drooling over the next glossy issue to arrive Anna Dunklee, United States...

Anna Dunklee, USA

I've been a subscriber for 3 or 4 years now and really look forward to each issue. KiteWorld is far and away the category leader and in my opinion sets the standard for kiting magazines Andrew Goldberg, United States...

Andrew Goldberg, USA

Congrats on a great mag Kiteworld Rich, SAS...


I just received my first issue of Kiteworld, and it's brilliant! It is much appreciated. George, California...

George, California

Thank you for sending another copy....I received it in the mail on sat. and drooled over it all weekend. Mike Lyons...

Mike Lyons

Cheers for the new KW... Is it just me or does Kiteworld have the nicest smell of any mag ever! Its a really stinky magazine..... Do the printers give you a pong option? Chris...


Many thanks for the T-shirt and the new edition of Kiteworld its brilliant the arcticle on Iceland. Shaun Roberts, Iceland...

Shaun Roberts, Iceland

Thanks Kiteworld for such a kick ass magazine. It puts our U.S. kite mags to shame. Joe Martino, United Sates...

Joe Martino, United Sates

By the way the book I got: Kite and Windsurfing Guide is a dream:) PERFECT! Awesome! Filios Sazeides, Greece...

Filios Sazeides, Greece

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