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Wind or no wind Board Jam

Wind or no wind, now that is the question...
The Wind or No Wind' Board Jam is set to showcase the multiple personalities and versatility of chosen event locations and the worlds top professional riders based on whatever the conditions may hold. The chosen locations are amazing destinations offer the ultimate crossover experience in related sports such as kiteboarding, wakeboarding, wakeskating, surfing, SUP, and more. The competition itself will be a rider invitational, but the events are open to the public who may come and enjoy the week and share the riding possibilities of the chosen location and experience the talents of the world's top professional kiteboarders, wakeboarders, and surfers.

The first 'Wind or No Wind' Board Jam will take place in the Philippines this December 3rd through December 12th. The chosen location, CWC, is any wakeboarders dream paradise. CWC boasts an ideal setting consisting of what is to be considered as the best cable park in the world and a pristine boat lake. For the event we will be utilizing the boat lake as the kite park during the windy season (December). Andre Phillip and CWC are working together on designing four obstacles to help create the ultimate kite park. At this location riders will be able to wake up and within a few steps be riding whatever the day offers.
'Wind or no Wind' Board Jam will bring together the presence of the top and most versatile professional riders in the sports of kiteboarding and wakeboarding today. These riders will be vying for the #1 awarded spots in 'Best Overall Performance', 'Best Cable Riders' and 'Best Kite Rider' all judged by their fellow riders.
Check out www.windornowind.com for more information
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Added: 2010-09-10

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