Video: GKA Grand Slam Wave and Strapless Freestyle Tour

GKA Grand Slam Strapless Wave and Freestyle Tour promo

The continuing development of professional kitesurfing competition around the world provides an excellent platform for the best athletes in kitesurfing to drive the sport forward into the future.

In this transitional period for world kitesurfing events, as members of the GKA, kitesurfing brands have voted to show support for long-standing and dedicated event organisers.

Regardless of any other contests in the year, the GKA aims to support the delivery of several established events via a ‘Grand Slam Series’.

Aiming to inspire a continuing high calibre of competition for kitesurfing’s top professional riders, one rider will be crowned ‘GKA Rider of the Year’ at the end of the season – in ‘Wave and Strapless Freestyle’, but also in ‘Freestyle’.

The Wave and Strapless Freestyle Grand Slam series kicks off at the Tarifa Strapless Pro 2016 from the 29th June – 3rd July.



For more info on the GKA and the Grand Slam series, visit:

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