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New Campaign Protected Our WavesSurfers Against Sewage's (SAS) new campaign Protect Our Waves (POW) is having its first action, The Gathering, and need you to get involved! Simply turn up to Kimmeridge Bay with your wetsuit and board at 10am on Saturday the 20th of June, International Surfing Day and show the MoD how important waves are to surfers and waveriders. This is your chance to be an active part of a solution-based campaign protecting waves.
The Gathering will be a mass paddle out at Kimmeridge to demonstrate how significant and passionate the UK's surfing and wave-riding communities are, not least local Bournemouth and Dorset surfers. Winning this campaign will set a strong precedent for protection of all waves and all waveriders' rights to access them, so all surfers have a vested interest!
The Gathering will form the foundations for the Broadbench campaign and we need the foundations to be as strong as possible. We need you to attend!
Broadbench is a quality wave in Kimmeridge Bay, described by many as one of Britain's best. Unfortunately it falls right on the outer boundary of a MoD firing range. Obviously SAS are not asking the MoD to reduce their use of this important firing range. However, there is a compromise that will ensure surfers and waveriders can have 100% access to Broadbench without impacting on the MOD's full use of the firing range.
We are calling on the MoD to revert to a previous firing station, changing where they fire from. This will in turn change the direction of their firing and leave Broadbench outside the boundary of the firing range. Leaving surfers and waveriders with 100% access to Broadbench without it impacting on the MoD in any way.
We are meeting for the Gathering at Kimmeridge Bay 10am, Saturday the 20th of June at 10am, it will be finished by 11.30. Please bring your wetsuit and surfboard/windsurf/kite board/kayak etc? Parking is £4 so please car share. It will be a fun event and your chance to be an active part of this solution based Protect Our Waves SAS action in association with ABBA.
For more information contact Andy Cummins on: 01872 555 950 / 07711 767 548 andy@sas.org.uk
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