RRD welcomes Greta Menardo to the international kite team

RRD - Greta Menardo

Press release November 2016

RRD welcomes Greta Menardo to the international kite team


Hereby an exclusive interview with RRD

RRD - Greta Menardo


Where did you grow up?

“I grew up in Lodi, a city near Milan in the north of Italy. I always have been surrounded by my family and friends, which is important for me.”


Tell us more about your background in kitesurfing

“I started kiting when I was very young (8 years old), I always have been a sporty child, I especially loved the extreme sports (traditionally not very advisable for girls) like hockey, snowboard, skating or climbing. In kiteboarding I have found the perfect match between adrenaline, stamina and nature, I guess that’s why I fell in love with it since the beginning. For me kiting is the perfect way to release the stress and the problems, I just feel spiritually and physically free and happy.”


What is your best result?

“3th place, PKRA junior world championship.”


What is your signature move?

“The S-bend pass, I just love doing that trick!”



Interview taken from robertoriccidesigns.com, read the full interview here

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