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Rhosneigr Park Jam Weekend 09

Men's Kicker:
1) Dave Hastilow
2) Ali Barrett
3) Martin Tatchel
Men's Slider:
1) Ali Barrett
2) Ali Reader
3) Dave Hastilow
1) Dan Sweeney
Overall Pro Men's:
1) Dave Hastilow
2) Ali Barrett
3) Dan Sweeney
Best Wipeout:

1) Dan Sweeney
Rider Vibe: First Lady
1) Benjamin Todd Beth Lygoe Kites

Dan Sweeney7th - 9th August 09, Rhosneiger Beach, Anglesey, North Wales.

We gave you the preview of the event way back at the very start of last month. Now the Rhosneiger Park Jam 09 has come and gone for another year. A 10 x 5ft Kicker, 25 x 2ft flat bar and an aluminium ladder derived, ply sided, floating frame were artists tools on display. And with riders such as Dave Hastilow, Ali Barrett and Benjamin Todd ready to show their skills the weekend was set to be one to remember and something the UK could be proud of.
Junior Dan Sweeney (www.dansweeneyuk.co.uk) was on hand himself to see just what the Park Jam had to offer. Here he talks about his time over the weekend:
So after an awesome event up North for the British nationals round three I was keen to follow up my first place in the juniors with having some chilled out riding, hitting some obstacles and meeting up with the Hastilow's! Ben Todd had been planning the event for ages, and being in the UK too with some spare time I thought it would be good to get on board and give a helping hand.
Straight after the BKSA event I headed straight to North Wales four days early for the event so I could help finish the final aframe and other bits. We met up with Dave and Rach when they were fresh from Greece in their big hoodies and jeans ready for some action.
The community of the dark side of kitesurfing in the UK has been growing without a doubt, and with the influence of the likes of Dre and Greg Norman it was obvious that we needed a Park Jam event here in the UK. It was quite last minute with the finish of the build and we all gave a hand in finishing the beast of the a frame which was 5x7x4 meters in size and around 10ft tall. We had some great sessions on the kicker and flat bar before the event and it was real good to be riding with Dave again. We were both set on having a belter at the event.
It wasn't long before the event had creeped up and Thursday was soon passing and we were blessed with wind. Unfortunately the forecasts weren't looking so hot for the rest of the week. Friday was a good turn out with around 20 riders but the wind was pretty dead so the boat came out. We all had some good hits on all the obstacles and everyone seemed to impress each other.
Dan SweeneySaturday took a last minute turn with a forecast of wind and sun making everyone amped to get out and ride with each other in the Park. The event kicked off nice and early with me having forced myself out of bed. Soon enough all the equipment was out and North Wales offered steady wind, flat water and some solid obstacles, everyone was ripping.

Dave really impressed me with some good moves from presses on the rails and 5's off the kicker. I pushed myself through the day and there was some cracking crashes. I tried gaping the 7 metre middle section and managed to drill myself into the windward side aluminium leg which proved pretty solid. Game over! It was enough to almost brake both my legs, but I wasn't ready to give up so I took the skate out in just my boardies as I couldn't get my swollen leg into my 5mm wetsuit.
Saturday ended with an awesome party and Sunday didn't really kick off due to the late night. Most people weren't ready for another 6 hour session on the water.

Bring on 2010!

Photos Blue Juice Multimedia

More info can be found at www.bentoddkiteboarding.com including a video of Todd's slider test.

Clickhereto go to the Rhosneigr Park Jam Facebook Group and share your stories. And while you're at it, checkout the Kiteworld Magazine Fan Page here for hot news, discussions and more.
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