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Red Bull Ragnarok

Two hundred of the world?s best kiters representing 16 different nations met up on Norway?s snowy mountain plains for the 2014 edition of the toughest snowkite endurance race on the planet ? Red Bull Ragnarok. Overall fastest rider Dominik Zimmermann of Germany completed the challenging course in 3 hours.

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HAUGAST?L (Norway) ? Excellent snow cover and sunny weather made the impressive scenery for the mountain race with natural obstacles such as ravines, drifts, rocks and hills at Dyranut, part of a Norwegian mountain plateau. The competitors had to fight to keep their kites in the air with wind that at times was very light. Only 40 of the kiters managed to finish the whole race.

The challenge for the 200 riders was completing five laps of the 8 miles circuit. The mythical battle between good and evil Norse gods gave Red Bull Ragnarok its name ? and the riders made the race worthy of this unique origin. While it took the winner only 3 hours to finish the race, others spent 5 hours to pass the first round of the hilly track. The toughest part is the start, when all 200 kiters went full speed towards the first check point that is only a few meters wide.

'I really enjoyed the light wind riding and my kite was good for these conditions?, said overall winner Dominik Zimmermann.' I think Red Bull Ragnarok is the most interesting race, because it?s not on the flats. There is a good combination of hills and cliffs and you have to be able to play with the terrain.'

Results (Overall Winners Categories): Sigve Botnen (Snowboard), Dominik Zimmermann (Men Ski & Overall), Camilla Ringvold (Women Ski)


About Red Bull Ragnarok

Red Bull Ragnarok imitates the myth of an incident in Norse mythology describing the last battle between the good and evil Gods, where only the heroes survive, in the respect that only a mere few snow-kite heroes will succeed. Endurance is paramount, and only the toughest riders will make it to the finish line. Freestylers will be favored by having the possibility to overcome some obstacles in order to shorten the track.


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