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PKRA World Tour Dates

From only a handful of dates the PKRA have us spoilt in 2010 with 14 scheduled events kicking off in Hua Hin, Thailand on 15th March and finishing in Gold Coast, Australia on 5th December. With Caberete, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura also in the mix and with the biggest riders in the world including Aaron Hadlow, Youri Zoon and the PKRA world champion's Kevin Langeree and Bruna Kajiya, this year looks set to be very tasty indeed.
Here is the 2010 schedule:

15th - 20th March
10th - 15th April
9th - 13th June
23rd - 27th June
17th - 25th July
29th July - 1st August
29th July - 2nd August
3rd - 7th August
10th -15th August
10th -15th August
15th - 19th September
23rd - 26th September
23rd - 28th November
5th - 12th December
International Hua Hin Kiteboarding World Cup
Mondial Du Vent 2010
Cabarete World Cup 2010
Paros PKRA World Cup 2010
Palmolive Kitesurf World Cup 2010
Kiteboarding World Cup 2010 Lanzarote
IKA Speed World Championships
Fuerteventura Kiteboarding PKRA Super Grand Slam 2010

Kiteboarding World Cup 2010 Tenerife (Wave)
Kiteboarding World Cup 2010 Tenerife (Freestyle)
Vlieland Kitesurf World Cup 2010

Kite-Racing Brazil 2010
Teri Kite Pro 2010
PKRA World Tour Australia 2010 - Gold Coast


The Intercontinental Hua Hin Kiteboaridng World Cup in Thailand joins the 2010 PKRA Word Tour, opening up the season with a Grand Slam event consisting of Freestyle, Course Racing, and Best Trick disciplines. The event to be the first professional kiteboarding event in Asia in the history of the sport and promises to be a new beginning for the sport in the region. Top riders from all over the world are expected to attend to show off their exceptional display of kiteboarding.
The event will be held in Hua Hin Thailand, a 3 hour drive south of Bangkok International Airport. Registration will be on Sunday 14th March and the event from Monday 15th to Saturday 16th March.
In Addition to the PKRA Grand Slam event there will be a regional qualifier event which will be offering direct wildcard entries into the PKRA freestyle main event. Registration for this event will be on the Thursday 11th March and competition will be from March 12th - 14th.
Online pre-registration for the event will open up on Monday February 1st at the PKRA website.
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