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PKRA Germany Day 8

Course Racing Results:

1. Bruno Sroka (Cabrinha, FRA) - 7.6 points
2. Olivier Dansin (North, FRA) ? 20.7 points
3. Dirk Hanel (North, GER) ? 20.9 points
1. Steph Bridge (North, GRB) ? 7.6 points
2. Kristin Boese (Best, GER) -17.4 points
3. Fabienne D'Ortoli (Cabrinha, FRA) ? 21.7 points
Clear skies, good winds2 August 2009
Day 8 - Palmolive For Men Kitesurf World Cup 2009
St. Peter-Ording, Germany, August 1 ? Huge numbers of peoplef people were out on their feet today exploring the natural treasures of St. Peter-Ording and enjoying the blissfully warm weather with temperatures reaching a high of 22 Celsius.
Race director, Olaf Van Tol announced to the riders this morning that the boarder cross competition will be called off for today due to light wind conditions but the course racers would have yet another chance to get out onto the water.
Despite the weather being so unpredictable it was great to see a variety of action for everyone to enjoy.
At 12:00 pm a total of 30 racers were at the start line waiting for the race to begin.
Once again, Portimao KiteMasters Racing champ Bruno Sroka (Cabrinha, FRA) powered his way through the finish line during 3 of the 4 races that were held today. Fellow countryman Olivier Dansin (North) proved that he had a couple tricks up his sleeve as he outran Sroka in the first race of the day. Dansin finished in second place overall today with a total of 20.7 points, while Sroka remains the leader of the scoreboard. German rider Dirk Hanel (North) finished third with a total of 20.9 points nearly testing for second place.
Steph Bridge (North, GBR) fired herself across the finish line ahead of the other women in the division putting her in lead position with 7.6 points overall. Kristin Boese (Best, GER) remains in second place while Portimao Kitemasters race runner-up Fabienne D'Ortoli (Cabrinha, FRA) finished in third with a total of 21.7 points. The day's result did not change the overall standings as Bridge still maintains the lead.
The races concluded at 4:00 pm this afternoon due to the diminishing winds.
Happy timesFreestyle double winner Joanna 'Asia' Litwin (Nobile, POL) as well as fellow Polish competitor and 3rd place winner Karolina Winkowska (Naish, POL) were out beautiful sunshine today taking a break from competeing. In a quick interview these pleasant girls explained how they trained in various locations around the world such as Venezuela, Brazil, and Greece. Training in these locations gives you the best of everything from strong winds to light winds, choppy as well as flat water giving them a variety of conditions to prepare them for whatever weather conditions are thrown their way at each PKRA tour stop. Doing lots of strength training in the off-season also pays great dividends, as does a bit of Yoga to enhance flexibility and mobility.
EETV asked Asia (Nobile, POL) how does it feel to be on top of the world at this event?
'It was extremely hard to compete against Bruna Kajiya (Flexifoil, BRA), I feel a bit strange, excited, I am very, very happy, I tried my best and I did it!' - Asia Litwin
It is obvious that hard work and determination pays off such is the case for Joanna Litwin (Nobile, POL) as shined like a star, taking her much deserved position at the top of the podium at the 2009 Palmolive for Men Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter-Ording, Germany.


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