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Things Heat Up at PKRA Fuerteventura

Kitesurfing fans and the competitors once again converged on the event site, greeted by even more incredible wind and clear sunny skies which warmed up the event area further to 27° Celsius. As the second day of the Fuerteventura PKRA Kiteboarding Grand Slam 2007 opens, riders rigged up their nines and sevens with wind gusting between 25 and 35 knots.
Langeree had been on a winning streak that continued in heat 15 seeing him beat Onieva to claim the first position in the final. Langeree landed a mobe 7, blind judge 3, late pass mobe, 313, slimchance, hasselhoff, front mobe and KGB, riding more powered, stomping moves more cleanly and with more speed. Alvaro managed a 313, mobe, hasselhoff and an S-bend-to-blind with air-pass. Claiming the second spot in the final round was Hadlow, on the charge in the gusty winds and beating Pastor with more power moves including a massive kite loop non-inverted slim chance 5, a huge kite loop-back loop right next to the judges tower, a blind-judge, mobe, S-bend-to-blind with aerial handle-pass and KGB. Pastor landed a powered front mobe, slimchance, 313, and mobe 5 but had a higher kite angle and did less moves.
In the loser's final round, Onieva clearly struggled in the gusty winds and choppy waters while Pastor nailed some massive moves including a heel-side back roll with a front-side 540, slim chance, S-bend-to-blind with air-pass, raley-to-blind and hasselhoff taking third place. Onieva landed a mobe, a huge kite loop with aerial handle-pass and a blind-judge with aerial handle-pass to settle in fourth place.
In the battle for first, Hadlow started out strong with a blind-judge with aerial handle-pass and mobe but his harness blew out which gave Langeree a few precious minutes to get the jump on Hadlow. Filling the judges' sheets again with 18 fantastic moves in seven minutes, Langeree landed a mobe, 313, slim chance, late pass mobe, heel-side back roll with a front-side 540, front mobe 5, KGB, blind-judge with aerial handle-pass, hasselhoff, kung fu and front mobe. Having sailed back to the beach unhooked and reattached his spreader bar, Hadlow came out firing knowing that he had plenty to catch up on. He landed a massive kite loop handle-pass, a powered S-bend to blind with aerial handle-pass, a kite loop with surface handle-pass but crashing a huge kite loop non-inverted slim chance with a front-side 540 in the final seconds. He kited with heaps of power but lacked the clean landings, height and technical difficulties and move variation of Langeree who won with a 4-1 judges decision and proved one for the judges.
In the continuation of the women's freestyle event, in the losers' final round, Peral won over Winkowska, stomping her trusty raley-to-blind and downloop-to-blind plus rode more technical and powered against Winkowska who crashed several moves in the choppy conditions. Kajiya came back with a little revenge beating Pulido in the winners' final round. The Brazilian rider landed several powered and huge moves including an S-bend-to-blind with air-pass, blind-judge, and raley-to-blind with solid S-bends off the small kickers. Pulido went for a slim attempt but came unstuck like several other riders today but managed to land an S-bend-to-blind with air-pass and front mobe to claim the second spot on the podium.
1 Kevin Langeree (Ned) Naish
2 Aaron Hadlow (UK) Flexifoil
3 Alex Pastor (SPN) Naish
1 Bruna Kajiya (BRA) Best
2 Gisela Pulido (SPN) Slingshot
3 Angela Peral (SPN) North
The freestyle doubles got underway immediately following the singles event. Madison Van Heurck (Naish, USVI) crashed out of the event due to increasing wind. Tom Court (North, UK) defeated North team mate Pedro Bueno (Brazil) who doesn't seem to get his 'bueno' in for the Fuerteventura leg. Court landed a powered hasselhoff and blind judge to take the win in heat #18. Michael Blomvall (Sweden, JN-Kites) meanwhile, took out Reno Romeu (North, Brazil) with a double handlepass, KGB, blind jude mobe and front mobe. Romeu's slim, hasselhoff and front mobe proves inferior against Blomvall's variation. Also in heat #19, Ali Barrett (Turbulence, UK) lost his kite late in the heat but returned on a borrowed kite to seal the win against Airush rider Rolf Van Der Vlught (Netherlands), landing a handlepass, mobe, slim and blind judge against the Dutch riders several handlepass attempts with no landings.
In heat #20, another Airush rider Jo Ciastula (Spain) kept his chance alive for this event with a win over Tijn Van Esch (Advance, Netherlands) nailing a blind judge and slim to take the win. North rider Victor Adamo (Brazil) barely took out Austrian Julien Hosp (O'Neill) in the same heat with a blind judge, 313 and slim, displaying more power in his moves. Randy Hereman (F-One, Netherlands) defeated Rocky Chatwell (Crazyfly, US) in the next heat, stomping a front mobe, mobius 5, slim and kiteloop-frontloop, riding more technically difficult moves and variety.

There were two races held during the morning which started at around 12:15 pm. The choppy conditions became a challenge to the racers as they tried to avoid and outwit each other.

In the men's race, French ace wind slasher Bruno Sroka (Takoon) is still leading the pack, winning all races while Tom Court (North, UK) and Christian Dick (Slingshot, Spain) were disqualified in race one for being over the line early. In race two, Rolf Van der Vlugt (Airush, Netherlands) also got a disqualification because he went over the line prior to the start. Sami Gali (Best, Spain) was taken out by Dave Tyburski also in the second race who will get a redress but 'tybo' received a disqualification. There were also a bunch of other tangles out on the course during the races.

In women's racing, Angela Peral (North, Spain) continues her run of luck and speed with two 1st places in today's events. Hot on her trail was Stef Bridge (North, UK), trying her twin tip kiteboard and her directional in an effort to keep up or overtake Peral. Susi Mai (Cabrinha, Germany) also moved up the ranks for two consecutive 3rd place today.


1 Bruno Sroka
2 Alberto Rondina
3 Dirk Hanel
4 Toby Braeuer

1 Bruno Sroka
2 Sean Farley
3 Dirk Hanel
4 Alberto Rondina

1 Bruno Sroka (2.1)
2 Alberto Rondina (10)
3 Sean Farley (11)
4 Dirk Hanel (11)

Race 1,2 and Overall
1 Angela Peral (3.4)
2 Steph Bridges (4.7)
3 Susi Mai (12)
The PKRA Kiteboarding Grand Slam 2007 is organized by Pro Center René Egli and supported by La Concejalía de Turismo del Ayuntamiento de Pájara. For the latest travel news, information and up-to-the-minute live results, visit www.extremeelements.com. The latest PKRA World Rankings are at www.kiteworldtour.com .
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