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The Kite Masters Portimao World Tour 2007 in Portimao, Spain kicked off to an exhilarating start as the competition began under way in the beautiful and sunny Praia de Alvor on the southern coast of Portugal. The crowds were treated to two major kiteboarding events, the kiteboarding Course Racing World Tour and the Kite Masters freestyle event.
Mexican Sean Farely (North, Mexico) won the opening race for the men's division in the racing while the pride of the UK, Stephanie Bridge won in the women's race. The freestyle event was also a crowd-pleaser which was made more exciting with the mandatory inclusion of board-off and kiteloop moves for extra points.
The opening day was greeted with calm wind but clear sunny skies prevailed throughout the day with the temperature maxing out at 24 Celsius (75.2F). By the afternoon, the wind started to pick up speed coming from the southwest peaking around 18 knots (4 bft) before changing directions by 4pm, just in time for the start of the first race.
Excitement quickly brewed during the start of the race competition which saw a crowded starting line along with a few racers tacking early on to port to get some clear air for maximum speed. Leading the fleet at the first mark was Sean Farley (North, Mexico) and hot on his heels was blisteringly red-hot and crowd favorite Paul Caswell (Cabrinha, United States). After changing kites right before the start, Caswell missed the layline and had to tack back onto starboard and had a few port/starboard troubles with Austrian Michael Schitzhofer. Farley went on to dominate the race lapping the final
finishers on the short course. Steph Bridge (United Kingdom) also performed well among the women, even beating several guys to finish in third place overall.

1. Sean Farely (Mexico)
2. Bruno Sroka (France)
3. Abel Lago (Spain)
4. Francisco Lufinha (Portugal)
5. Toby Braeuer (Germany)
6. Amaud Dussen (Portugal)
7. Alberto Rondina (Italy)
8. Kevin Langeree (Netherlands)
9. Denzil Williams (United Kingdom)
10. Paul Caswell (United States)
11. Franz Schitzhofer (Austria)
12. Augusto Rocha (Portugal) ? Did not finish
13. Pedro Fernandes (Portugal) ? Did not finish
14. Sami Gali (Spain) ? Did not start
15. Rui Meira (Portugal) ? Did not start
16. Ricardo Felipe (Portugal) ? Did not start
17. Michael Schitzhofer (Austria) - Disqualified

1. Steph Bridge (United Kingdom)
2. Angela Peral (Spain)
3. Gina Steban (Spain)
4. Kari Schivebaag (Norway)
5. Ania Grzelinska (Poland)
6. Jalou Langeree (Netherlands)
7. Camilla Ringvold (Norway)
In the freestyle event, heat #1, Portuguese Francisco Lufinha (RRD) went up against Denzil Williams (UK) who both displayed spectacular kiteboarding, landing a few kite loop moves amongst their regular freestyle tricks, but it was Lufinha with an air-pass and kite loop handle-pass who took the win.
In the next heat, local kiteboarding heroes Fabio Martins and Paulino Pereira went head-to-head in a battle of the Portuguese masters. Pereira landed a slim and handle-pass but no kite loop or board-off moves which put him at a disadvantage as Martins was able to land a kite loop/back loop as well as a sent handle-pass and back-to-toe-side with
surface-pass which gave him the win. In the third heat, Michael Schitzhofer (Naish, Austria) beat Spanish ace Abel Lago (RRD) with a kite loop-slim and tail-grab board-off while Lago landed several big board-offs with spins and a big kite-loop but Schitzhofer won through technical difficulty.
The fourth heat was a close battle between Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands) and Alberto Rondina (Cabrinha, Italy) both landing several technical moves. In the end, Langeree's kite loop handle-pass and tail-grab board-off along with a regular and switch KGB, powered 313 and blind judge with aerial handle-pass won the game. Rondina rode equally well nailing a
regular and switch aerial back-to-blind, regular and switch blind judge, board-off and kite loop handle-pass.
The last heat of the day for the freestyle event of the men's division saw Lago overwhelm Williams with massive board-off spins and board-off tail-grab and kiteloop. In fairness, Williams rode well and landed a big kite loop and sent handle-pass but no board-off moves, which cost him the heat.
In the first heat of the women's freestyle event, Kari Schivebaag (Ozone, Norway) lost to Steph Bridge (United Kingdom) who nailed a variety of technical moves and a big powered kite loop. Schivebaag also had a nice performance, landing a raley-to-blind and a small kite loop. Meanwhile the second heat ended in a tie between Jalou Langeree (Naish, Netherlands) and Angela Peral (Spain, North). Both riders landed a few kite loops and butt-checked some board-offs which proved to be a tough game for the judges to decide after both landed different freestyle moves ? Peral landing a downloop-to-blind while Langeree landed several moves including a vulcan and krypt to surface-pass and raley-to-blind. In the third heat, Ania Grzelinska (North, Poland) won over Bridge with a huge kite loop and board-off along with a raley-to-wrapped and raley-to-blind. Meanwhile, the fourth and final heat of the day went to Peral who landed a massive downloop-to-blind, raley-to-blind and a small board-off move in a game against Schivebaag who landed a raley-to-blind and kite loop but with no board-off move.
Visit www.kiteworldtour.info to get the latest PKRA riders ranking and www.extremeelements.com for comprehensive, live game results. The official webcaster of the PKRA 2007 World Tour is www.extremeelements.tv.
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