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PKRA Final Round 2007: Chile

The second round of the men's Freestyle started the day's contest with heat #9 between the tallest and the smallest PKRA tour riders, Russian Petr Tyushkevich (Cabrinha) and Madison Van Heurck (Naish) who hails from U.S. Virgin Islands. In a tightly-fought heat, Tyushkevich outshone his opponent via technical moves and switch variation, landing a regular and switched slim, regular and switched front mobe, front mobe to blind and a mobe 5. Van Heurck was able to land a front mobe to blind, slim, blind judge, mobe and KGB but eventually lost the game. Alvaro Onieva (Best, Spain) and Marc Jacobs (North, New Zealand) also saw action in the same heat. Although used to the chilling weather conditions in New Zealand, Jacobs was pushed hard by the Spanish champion and eventually succumbed to Onieva's wider and more varied selection of moves. Onieva stomped a regular and switched slim, blind judge with aerial handle pass, front mobe, mobe 5 and kiteloop handle pass while Jacobs landed a nice late pass mobe, 313 5 and kiteloop handle pass but was not enough to beat Onieva.
In the 10th heat, Rocky Chatwell (Crazfly, U.S.) managed to beat Austrian Julian Hosp (Best) with a front mobe, mobe, kiteloop handle pass and back to blind air-pass. Hosp landed a front mobe, mobe 5 and a 313 but with a much higher kite angle. In the following heat, Spanish conquistador Cesar Portas (North) defeated Etienne Lhote (F-One, France) with more power and some switch moves. The Barcelona native landed a slim, mobe, regular and switch back to blind air-pass and blind judge with aerial handle pass, beating Lhote's mobe 5, slim chance and kiteloop handle pass.
In the start of the third round, Tyushkevich defeated Onieva courtesy of a regular and switched front mobe, regular and switch slim, mobe 5, kiteloop 5, front mobe to blind and front side 360. Onieva on the other hand, landed a regular and switch slim, mobe 5 and kiteloop handle pass, loosing the game with less variation and switch moves.
Portas went up against Mallory De La Villemarque (North, France) in heat #14 of the third round, which became a North team show down. It was a closely-contested heat with a 2-1 judges decision in favor of the Spanish kiteboarding champion. A slim, blind judge, front mobe to blind, a powered mobe off a big wave plus a big 313 were enough to beat the French kiteboarder's mobe 5, regular and switch back to blind air-pass and kiteloop handle pass. Also in the same heat, Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, UK) won the heat against Michael Schitzhofer (Naish, Austria) with more technical moves and more variation, plus with a lower kite angle and powered
riding. The reigning world champion landed a regular and switched slim, regular and switched kiteloop handle pass, front mobe to blind, s-bend to blind with aerial handle pass, back to blind air-pass, and a frontside 360 off the waves. Schitzhofer meanwhile, landed a regular and switched slim, front mobe, 313, blind judge with aerial handle pass and a KGB.
In the semi-final round, Tyushkevich proved no match for the Dutch kiteboarding champ and world champion challenger Kevin Langeree (Naish) who rode with more technical moves, more variation and more power. At the same time, Hadlow beat Portas with another display of even more technical, variation and power moves, advancing to the finals to face Langeree while Portas and Tyuskevich battle for third place.
In the final round, Portas was able to uphold a Spanish victory over Tyuskevich, grabbing the third podium spot with more power in his moves, landing a blind judge, KGB, mobe to blind and butt checked a front mobe 5. Tyushkevich landed a front mobe to blind and butt checked some regular and switched slims and blind judge.
Langeree won the final round, earning the top spot in the podium with more technical riding, landing a mobe 7 off a big wave, butt-checking a front mobe 5, a huge KGB, blind judge 3, late pass mobe, indy frontside 540 off a wave and a double back mobe. Hadlow landed a powered back to blind air-pass, regular and switched slim, regular and switched mobe but no double pass moves. The power he rode with did not outweigh Langeree's technical variation and height.
In the women's Freestyle event, Karolina Winkowska (Naish, Poland) beat teammate Jalou Langeree (Naish, Netherlands) in their match in heat #7 with a blind judge and 313 against Langeree's krypt to surface pass and railey to blind. In the same heat, Bruna Kajiya (Best, Brazil) landed a blind judge to beat Kari Schibevaag (Ozone, Norway) who landed a krypt to surface pass.
In the final round, Langeree won the third spot in the podium against Schibevaag courtesy of a railey to blind, vulcan and s-bend over Schibevaag's krypt to surface pass. The battle for first place was a heat that had to be rerun due to some judges missing vital tricks in the difficult judging conditions due to the proximity of the judges tower and the large waves making it difficult to see the competitors at times. Winkowska came away with the win, landing a slim and 313 over Kajiya's butt-checked blind judge and s-bend to blind with air pass.
The Freestyle competition wrapped up at 14:30h which was immediately followed by the Wave competition at 15:00h.
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