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PKRA Cabarete - Single Elimination Results


1. Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands)
2. Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, UK)
3. Manuel David Rondon (EH, Dominican Republic)

1. Gisela Pulido (Slingshot, Spain)
2. Bruna Kajiya (Best, Brazil)
3. Susi Mai (Cabrinha, Germany
The weather started out uncooperatively. During the early morning hours there was sunshine but absolutely no wind. Around 10:45am the rain moved in and there were periods of heavy downpours. After the skippers meeting at 11:00am, the competition went into a series of rain and wind delays until about 2:00pm when the wind had enough speed to start a sequence but still there were threatening clouds close by. The race director decided to start the women's heats with the battle for third place going up first. After about a minute before the green flag, the wind changed directions and came to a halt, causing the kites to drop in the water.
About an hour later, the wind came back and showed enough strength to start the competition. Under clear skies, the first heat of the day started with Germany's Susi Mai (Cabrinha) going up against Poland's Karolina Winkowska (Naish). The Cabrinha-sponsored rider won the heat, taking the 3rd podium position with a raley-to-blind, front-to-blind, raley-to-wrapped and a double back kite loop against a lone but impressive blind judge for Winkowska.

In the women's single final, Bruna Kajiya (Best, Brazil) had a really close battle against PKRA champion Gisela Pulido (Slingshot) of Spain. Kajiya's moves were more powered but not as clean and with less variety with that of Pulido's moves which gave her the win. Pulido landed a slim, blind judge, front mobe, 313 and raley-to-blind to win the championship title while Kajiya stomped a blind judge, s-bend-to-blind and back-to-blind air pass for the 2nd podium spot.
In the men's final rounds, Manuel David Rondon (EH Kiteboarding), the pride of the Dominicans claimed 3rd spot overall, winning against Sweden's Mikael Blomvall (Nobile) with slightly more technical difficulties, variation and cleaner moves. The local crowd favorite stomped a regular and switch slim, regular and switch front mobe, regular and switch KGB, 313 and mobe to blind over Blomvall's regular and switch slim, regular and switch mobe, 313, KGB and blind judge.
The battle for first place was a close heat as is always between Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands) and PKRA champion Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, UK). In a 3-2 decision in favor of Langeree, the Naish-sponsored rider landed a super powered regular and switch KGB, mobe 5, 313, non-inverted slim chance, late-pass mobe, double back mobe, kite loop handle-pass, blind judge 3, front mobe-to-blind, s-bend-to-blind with aerial handle-pass and blind judge 5. Hadlow landed a regular and switch back-to-blind air pass, regular and switch hasselhoff and regular and switch slim but rode with less power than Langeree.
After the finals, the competition quickly moved into the start of the double elimination rounds before the day was over. Michael Schitzhofer (JN Kites) of Austria took out fellow Austrian Julian Hosp (Best) in the 18th heat of the competition with cleaner and more powered tricks and Sam Light (Naish, UK) in heat #22. Brazil's Reno Romeu (North) ousted home town old schooler Luciano Gonzalez (Starkites) with solid new school riding also in the same heat plus another Dominican in the person of Robinson Vasquez in heat #22. North's Cesar Portas of Spain resumed his bid for another top spot winning by taking out North team mate and New Zealand's Marc Jacobs in heat #20 with powered and cleaner landings.
Heat #21 became a battle of two French buddies between Sebastien Garat (RRD) and Tom Hebert (Airush). Garat took the win with more technical difficulties, landing a regular and switch slim, regular and switch back to blind air pass, mobe, 313, front mobe, s-bend to blind and blind judge 3 against Hebert's blind judge 3, regular and switch back to blind air pass and mobe. Garat ironically lost to Spain's Alvaro Onieva (Best) in heat #25 with the Spanish champ riding with more speed and power plus with a few grabs thrown in.
After the completion of the first two rounds of the doubles for the men and the first round of the women's, the competition was called off for the day around 5:45pm. Tomorrow's skippers meeting is set for 11:00am to conclude the doubles and see if Kevin Langeree will be the first repeat winner of the Cabarete World Cup.
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