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Introducing the Swell V2


With the Swell we wanted to make a wave and freeride kite that excels in all conditions, good or bad. As we believe a kite should not be limited to performing only in perfect wave and wind conditions or excel in just one specific discipline.


To accomplish this we took our own approach to come up with a 3-strut Hybrid SLE design that defies the limits of wave specific kites and adds a whole new level of excitement to your riding. By combining great stability with fast turning and smooth drift, the Swell delivers all the characteristics you need to focus on carving up the face and slashing the lip. The Swell´s specially designed shape allows it to be flown at a higher angle of attack (powered up), and gives it superb low end power and an incredible high end range. By using a 3 point cascading bridle with a single pulley the Swell offers the best of two worlds; quick turning and a huge depower range.

Peter Lynn - Swell V2 2016 Kiteworld MagazineThe result is a kite that has good low end power and great upwind drive. A kite that works drifting “down the line” and that has great turning characteristics. This allows you to focus on surfing the wave. Its progressive power at the bar and quick turning add to the overall package. The responsiveness of the kite which is so loved by the wave riders makes it a fun option as a free ride kite able to handle loops and Freestyle type moves. The 3-Strut Hybrid/SLE shape of the Swell gives the kite amazing low-end power and high and range which is unexpected in such a great wave kite.  The shape also allows for quick water re launch which is a must when riding more serious sized waves.


The kite was tested and tuned to perfection in some of the best wave and freeriding spots in the world. South Africa, Fuerteventura, Ireland, Mauritius and of course The Netherlands.


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The Swell is more than a wave specific kite, its well-balanced 3 strut design and responsive handling also makes it an extremely fun freeride option, more than capable to handle kiteloops, big boosts and smooth landings. With the addition of a 4m kite to the quiver there is always a size that suits your weight and conditions. Whether you’re out there to catch that ultimate wave or looking for optimal freeride fun, the Swell offers you stunning performance.


Here’s the official Swell V2 product video from Peter Lynn

Peter Lynn Swell v2 from Peter Lynn Kitesports on Vimeo.


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