Ocean Rodeo Razor – Rebuilt

Ocean Rodeo Razor kite 2015

Ocean Rodeo have just announced the release of their brand new Razor kite which they say has seen them returning to their roots with a ground-up rebuild of one of their most popular models. Here’s the squeeze from them: 

Ocean Rodeo Razor kite 2015
Quick, Agile, Explosive… Daunting: The all new, completely re-designed Razor answers the call.

Nothing less than a ground up re-design of our legendary Razor has produced an angry, explosive beast of a kite, delivering precise handling and explosive power unrivaled by any other kite.

Unhooked, the all new Razor’s redistributed weight and design results in a forward flying kite offering massive pop and travel for air passes and critical, just-in-time landings. Back in the loop, the explosive power offers our most dramatic vertical boost ever engineered. Meanwhile, our radical re-thinking of the bridle and the all new Bridle Lock gives riders the right to choose locked out, old school intimidation or a free flowing, dynamic sheeting range.

The all new Razor is a radical departure from the norm; a synthesis of a decade and a half of constant improvement; a commitment to performance and a tribute to our roots. It’s built with a specific rider in mind: step up or make way for those who will.

More at: www.oceanrodeo.com

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