North Evo 2016 – Inside view with designer Ralf Grösel

Ralf Grösel - North Kiteboarding Evo 2016 interview Kiteworld Magazine

North Evo 2016 – an inside view with Ralf Grösel

Over the years the Evo has gained the hearts of many Freeriders, who love it in all kinds of conditions for the easy yet direct handling, the boost and the possibility to use it unhooked, and in the waves. 


Ralf Grösel - North Kiteboarding Evo 2016 interview Kiteworld Magazine


What was the task at the very beginning for the development of the Evo?

“In the North Kiteboarding Range the Evo is The all-round Kite. That’s why the main focus was to further improve the classic key advantages of the EVO.  Easy relaunch and handling are just a few of the most important key features.”

What are the major changes we will see in 2016 for the Evo?

“The form of the EVO is once again in the delta direction, to ensure a super easy water relaunch. Furthermore the design of the Kite is a bit more open to improve the Low-end and Turning Speed. To reduce the bar force, we spent a massive amount of time to make it perfect, without influencing the typical North Kiteboarding handling.  The tips have been completely reworked and a thinner tip strut is used to increase the angle of attack of the tip.”

What are the main differences between the small and the big sizes for the Evo?

“For the first time ever we’re going in quite a radical way to achieve the specific performance of all different sizes of the EVO.  Of course bigger Kites are slower than smaller sizes, thats why bigger Kites require a different tip geometry than smaller sizes. After many tests and prototypes, we finally decided for different tip geometries for different sizes. The sizes 14qm, 13qm and 12qm have their own specific tip design. Its speciality is a several-times-segmented Leading Edge, which generates more surface area on the tip. This increased surface area is responsible for the increase in Turning speed and to reduce the steering forces on the bar. Down from 11sqm, we chose a very compact tip geometry which generates great structural stiffness and guarantees very precise handling.”

Why should a customer buy a Evo?

“Because the EVO is the classic all-round Kite, it’s a great Kite for all disciplines. From Freestyle to Freeride and even waves, the Evo feels at home in any condition and offers very versatile flying characteristics.  The super easy water relaunch,  great upwind abilities, explosive pop and very good hangtime are the convincing arguments of this typical Freeride Kite. In waves, the very direct steering even when depowered are key.”

Which customer should buy a Evo?

“Kiters who don’t want to commit to one single style of Kitesurfing. As the EVO is very intuitive, it is suitable for any level of Kiteboarder.  Whether on a foil in lowest winds or fully powered for Big Air jumps, the EVO always offers the best compromise for performance, handling, and easy and predictable flying characteristics.”


Here’s the official Evo product video from North Kiteboarding




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