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North +6 Extended Warranty Programme

Starting from 1st of August 2011, North will offer an extended warranty of six months on all North kites, boards and bars of the current 2011 and 2012 range! For this purpose, a product registration tool will be added to the website that permits all customers to register their North products. Customers who register their North product within 60 days of purchase receive an extended warranty of six months beyond the legal warranty period of their country (the extended warranty begins with the expiration of the legal warranty period of their country and includes the same scope of protection).
The following products can be registered: kites, boards and bars from the 2011 range or later (older products can not be registered).
How does +6 work?
After the successful registration of your North product, you'll receive a confirmation mail. If the product has been registered within 60 days of purchase, this confirmation mail and a valid receipt entitles the customer to a six months extended warranty. Warranty claims can only be made with the dealer who sold the registered North product.
(The additional warranty is only valid for the purchase of a new, unused product)
How are complaints handled by retailers?
Necessary requirements to get a warranty extension: (needed only if the legal warranty period of your country has expired) - Valid receipt - Confirmation mail - Registration of the North product (kite, board and/or bar from 2011/2012) within 60 days of purchase. If these requirements are met, the usual complaint process can be applied, i.e. the damage is documented and all necessary documents (receipt, confirmation mail, documentation) is sent to the relevant sales department.
Communication +6
- All 2012 kites and bars will be supplied with a +6 information hang-tag
- All 2012 boards have a +6 info sticker on the deck - For all products of the 2011 range yet to be sold, the shops will receive a +6 information flyer that is handed
to the customer upon purchase - The 2012 kite ads refer to +6 WARRANTY concept - Additional advertisements on the website, in the newsletter and social media
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