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Mobius now offers a full range of adventure activities for people who due to their disability would not have considered participation a possibility. Promoting equality of opportunity to accessing outdoor sports in Cornwall they aim to introduce people to new activities from traction kiting, buggying and landboarding to getting in the water and kitesurfing!

Mobius are the only BKSA (British Kite Surfing Association) approved school in Cornwall to use a beach for every wind direction, meaning their cancellation rate is a lot lower than schools on fixed locations for kite surfing lessons. They are a Flexifoil and North Kiteboarding test centre so all prices include the use of the latest equipment with the most up to date safety systems. They receive regular spot inspections to ensure they maintain a high standard of tuition and adhere to strict safety regulations. All instructors are fully insured and qualified in water based rescue and resuscitation as well as basic first aid.

ImageModified equipment is used to suit a range of physical requirements including visual or hearing impairment, multiple sclerosis, muscular problems, partial paralysis, paraplegic or other wheel chair users, amputees, learning and behavioural disabilities. All sessions are adapted to ensure that the classes are responsive to individual needs and group concessions are available.

The school is aiming to encourage individual progression to a level with which people are comfortable, challenged and having fun! Mobius are the first and only activity company in the UK to have a modified 4 wheel kite buggy created by Chris Worboys, a kite surfing instructor and inventor extraordinaire! The design includes a hydraulic hand controlled steering system, as opposed to traditional three wheeled buggies with foot controls. Mobius set Chris the challenge of building an adapted buggy for the school and he more than exceeded all expectations!

Heidi Thomas the first paraplegic user to test the kite buggy said the experience was overwhelming 'The beach used to be a no go zone for me. I never thought I'd be that close to the water again' Heidi Thomas "Indeed the buggy is such a success that Chris prefers riding the new design himself. 'nothing beats the feeling of being able to blast up and down the beach on a sunny day, harnessing only the power of the wind, and now that experience is open to everyone!' Chris Worboys Co owner of the establishment Louise McDonagh comments. "We wanted to promote equality of opportunity to access the sports and to introduce people to an array of new activities that before now, would not have been a possibility. I knew that there was great potential to open up the activities to a wide range of disabilities; it was just a matter of finding ways to adapt the equipment. Hopefully we will encourage more activity centres to follow suit"

For further information please visit:
http://www.mobiusonline.co.uk/kiteschool/disability.html or phone their booking line on 01637
831383 or email info@mobiusonline.co.uk

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Added: 2007-06-11

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