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MINI KTE Holland - Day 1

With clear blue skies and a North Easterly seabreeze the best European Freestyle riders hit the water. The waves and light northeasterly wind didn’t make it easy on the riders to maximize their technical performance during the heats. With highly technical tricks the Italian Gabriel Garofalo performed very strong, while battling in the first heat of the day against the Dutch Sjoerd Klabbers. With a Slim Chance, Front Mobe, 313 and Toeside Flat 3 followed by a 7 Backmobe the Italian was to strong for Klabbers, who got send home in this single elimination.

Fellow Dutchman Dylan van der Mey from Noordwijk was better adapted to the difficult circumstances in Scheveningen. After his heat was cancelled caused by the further decreasing wind, he remained his composure in the rematch and was still too strong for his opponent Levi Solleveld. The young Noordwijker local took the heatwin with an S-bend 360 at full speed, followed by a Back Mobe; overall he impressed the judges with his powerful style.

After four Freestyle Heats it was time for the racers to get ready. With the light side-onshore wind is took a lot of skills from the racers to get a complete race finished for the day. Rolf van der Vlugt, as local racer said the conditions were difficult. "It's cool to have such race conditions, with light and variable wind is a very tactical game to choose the right course." Among the men it was the German Florian Gruber, who reached the finish line first, followed by Maks Zakowski en Blazej Ozog. Rolf van der Vlugt eventually finished in sixth place.

On the women's side it was Stephanie Bridge from England who took the win over local Katja Roose, who wasn’t able to finish her race by the lacking wind. Stay tuned for more action tomorrow!


MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe Scheveningen

MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe Scheveningen

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