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The two time world champion and, many riders' biggest influence, stopped in for a pint......of water! He's still an athlete you know! (Not like that Felix Pivec when he dropped in - he just loves a brew!)

Martin Vari at Kiteworld

Martin had just done a demo in Poole, UK for his new brand, Vari Kites. The wind had been howling the day before, the sun had been out, so naturally the response on the beach had been good and the poor lad was shattered when he turned up with his girlfriend, Sylvenia, to see us before flying off to Holland to continue his European tour.

He sat down with Jim for the second major career interview we've done with him, covering everything from his favourite memories, the psychology of big wave riding, what it's like to be a world champion and have all you could ever want, then to battle the lows of realising that those days are over before bouncing back even stronger. Martin's a legend for speaking to us so openly and it's going to be a belting interview that will appear in issue #41, out in September. For now, here's the first little snippet we'll be bringing you from Monday's interview:

MARTIN ON LIFE: "Everything that goes up must come down at some point. For certain years you feel on top of the world - you're young, travelling the globe and everything is perfect, but then you start realising that it's not going to be like that long-term. At one point it's going to end - you'll grow up and new kids will come up. Any sportsman only has a limited time to grow and accomplish all that they want. It happens in every sport. That's what really happened. I started thinking, 'What's next?' and 'I can do this, or this, or this...' But all these things don't even come close because I had it so perfect. You go through a phase where you feel kind of lost and that it's never going to be as good as before. But soon you just learn that there are different phases in life. It was good for me and it was perfect then, but now there is a new challenge, a new thing and it can be good in a different way."

Vari Idol

The Simon Cowell of kiteboarding has launched his quest to find the next hot, young thing in kiteboarding - the Vari Idol. Think you've got what it takes to impress the great MV? Then click here for more info!

Much more at: www.varikites.com

Vari in Hadlow and Shinn's guest editors issueIn issue #30, guest editors, Aaron Hadlow and Mark Shinn, highlighted Martin as one of the best, toughest and most talented competitors they've both come up against. Click the image or the link below to read the feature they put together and get exclusive and inside knowledge on what really happened during the niggles of PKRA world tour competition: read it now for free in our online version of issue #30 by clicking here!

Martin's extensive interview will feature in issue #41, out in September. Get it early and subscribe now by clicking here!

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Added: 2009-07-14

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