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Liquid Force Kite TourLiquid Force Kite tour 2008 Denmark - Jutland Mobile competition
This year's third competition in the Liquid Force Kite tour Denmark was situated in Jutland and held as the second mobile competition in the tour. The mobile tour is somewhat of an experiment. The ideal tour is of course a tour with lots of wind at every competition and therefore the mobile competitions are very loosely arranged with a minimum of extras such as meals and accommodation. Therefore we see a lot of VW Transporters, Trangia Stoves and last minute sleepovers on these competitions which make the weekends very cozy. Pure Danish 'hygge'!
With wind coming in from west the choice of spots in Jutland are many but we wanted flat waters. So we ended up in Kloster, Ringkoebing Fjord which gave us flat, shallow waters but a small and narrow beach area. Therefore we decided to make only one lane which of course takes more time to complete but then everybody is in on the happenings of every class and the social element of the compition is much better.
Liquid Force Kite TourDuring the day the classes in turns used the one lane so that the finals of the three classes was completed in a row. Unfortunately the wind dropped more and more and som heats was cancelled and restarted as the wind picked up again. The flat water was ideal for freestyle but the wind changed just enough to make it a bit of a challange as it come in more from north during the day and therefore over land. It got to be a challange of perfect timing to get to use the gust and not drop in a wind hole. Also most riders chose to ride owerpowed not to loose power completely when the wind dropped. The challenging conditions made the outcome inpredictable but very exciting for both competitors and spectators. In the end the results were:
Liquid Force Kite TourA Class:
It was a very close race between Troels and Nick which resulted in some discussions. Some of the tricks were: Slim Chance, Back Mobe, KGB, KL HP and Blind Judge. Troels moved down from first to second place and Sebastian secured third place in his first competition:
1. Nick Jacobsen (Competitor in the PKRA)
2. Troels Engholm (Danish Champion)
3. Sebastian Hjort (Newcomer)
Q Class: As always the girl's class had very few competitors and this competition only had two as the Danish Champion Helle Johansen was injured in a kiteboarding accident crashing in to a boat and couldn't compete. Some of he tricks were: Raileys, Railey to blind & nice transitions with back rolls.
1. Maria Andersen
2. Sabrina Leschley Andersen
Liquid Force Kite TourB Class:
Kent Ejby usually competes in A but as he suffered from an injury and could not perform up to the level of A he chose to compete in B. Some of he tricks were: Blind Judge, S-bends, kiteloops, downloop, raileys Emil is moving up the ladder from second to first place and Anton will surely get his Air Pass right for the next competition in Funen.
1. Emil H?j Christiansen
2. Kent Ejby
3. Anton Homilius
The next competition is 20-21 of September - The island of Funen. This is the Finals... The Champion will be decided!

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