Home News 'LIKE' and win a Resin8 Tokoro surfboard!

'LIKE' and win a Resin8 Tokoro surfboard!

'LIKE' and win a Resin8 Tokoro surfboard!

We've teamed up with Resin8 to offer all our Kiteworld Facebook fans the chance to win a Tokoro 6'4 surfboard! All you have to do to enter is LIKE our Facebook fanpage by 14th February and you'll be entered into the draw!


Here's the skinny on the 6'4 board that's up for grabs:

TOKORO 6'3" & 6'4" PIN:

This step-up board is for overhead waves and above. The round pin helps hold the board into the wave, with more rocker to keep you tight and loose in the pocket. A subtle single to double concave helps maintain speed and manoeuvrability in overhead surf. The ultimate board for places like Indo and works amazingly well for kiting as it can hold lots of speed and manoeuvrability.
You can see the review we did of the 6'3'' last year here: www.kiteworldmag.com

Here is the lowdown on the TOKORO 6'0 ?'' ROUNDED PIN:

All round short board proven to excel from mush all the way to heaving double overhead Escondido. This board could be considered to be the best travel board imaginable, as it will work in anything. Can grovel if needed, but will charge bigger surf for a small board. Single to double concave and medium rocker that holds the secrets of the all-round performance.
Magic Seaweed are currently selling the best selection of Resin8 boards at great prices: magicseaweed.com
Check out the video below of Lee Pasty Harvey Kitesurfing and surfing in Cornwall using Resin8 Surfboards and kites from North Kiteboarding:


RESIN8 surfboards set a new industry standard in surfboard construction. Testing and using the highest quality materials available and a precise measuring system they are able to very accurately duplicate proven shapes from an elite group of world class shapers with an unparalleled balance of performance, speed, optimal flex, strength and durability. NO SHAPING MACHINES, NO COMPUTERS. NO POP OUT MOULDS.
RESIN8 surfboards are hand shaped, hand glassed. hand sanded and hand finished by a dedicated crew of 16 craftsmen, all of whom have been with the project since the beginning in 2002.
Resin8's unique construction process maximises impact and tensile strength, minimising and accurately controlling final weight, yet retaining a high tech flex previously unheard of in this type of durable modern construction.
The hand shaped EPS foam core, a formula and density selected after years of testing 100s of foam options, is meticulously measured and replicated to the original shaper's specs to within a few thousandths of an inch tolerance. The type of EPS foam used provides the absolute best combination of strength and flex they have found. This foam is extremely light and wrapped with an ultra high grade epoxy resin and cloth and then a 1/8- layer of high-strength PVC foam (another rigorously tested and selected formula contributing to superior strength and flex) on bottom, deck, and rails. High density foam blocks are used in high stress fin and leash plug areas ensuring your fins break before your plugs will fail.
The whole epoxy 'sandwich' is then vacuum pressure bagged and heated at high temperatures to post cure it and lock in the rocker; bottom contours, and concaves, once again to the exact specs of the original shape. The process precludes air gaps and voids, ensuring a strong, impact resistant composite blank with optimal flex memory and high tensile (breaking) strength.

This preliminary 'blank' already significantly exceeds the strength and flex of an average finished surfboard. They then take it a step further and hand tune (re-shape) rail apexes, nose, tail, edges and bottom contours to perfection and HAND GLASS it (again) with another, different high grade epoxy resin and cloth. Then it's hand sanded with the same attention to detail as with the best handmade polyurethane (P/U) or epoxy surfboards.
The finished product is painted with a high-quality automotive paint and clear coat and hand rubbed to a 1000 grit smooth finish for a feel that surpasses a high quality handmade board of this calibre. This finish is so UV resistant and durable that a simple clean with standard household cleaners or ethanol will return even an old board to an 'almost new' finish again. Try that with a P/U board!






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