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KSP Rider List Revealed

Find out the list of riders for the KSP Wave World Championships on Maui this weekend, including a legends category. It's gonna be awesome... and Max Bo is back!

Here are the riders competing for the KSP titles from Friday:

The Cabrinha Kite Surf Pro 2013 will start off with a qualification round, leading up to the highlight of the event – the Kite Surf World Championships. During the contest, side events will create additional action: the legends heat, featuring long term Maui kite heroes, an Xensr measured Big Air contest and the local ‘Kama’aina Throw Down’ competition.

The following riders are pre-registered for the different disciplines:

Main Event Pre-Qualfied Riders - Female: Jalou Langeree, Ines Correia, Milla Ferreira, Kristin Boese, Kalia Agueira, Moona Whyte, Suzanne Kuiper, Isa Cohen, Erika Lindberg

Main Event Pre-Qualfied Riders - Male: Keahi DeAboitiz, Mitu Monteiro, Airton Cozzolino, Patri McLaughlin, Sebastian Ribeiro, Filippe Ferreira, Etienne Lhote, Pedro Henrique, Matchu Lopes Almeida, Jose Silva, Ralph Boellen, Paulino Pereira, Sergey Mysovskiy, Sky Solbach, Johnny Berger, Matthew Elsasser, Enrico Giordano

Qualifier - Female: Carol Bolstad, Raquel Lima, Skylar Lickle

Qualifier - Male: Bastien Bollard, Chris Armitage, Collin François, Cruser Putnam, Damien Girardin, Devin Moody, Evan Netsch, Fabricio Negri, Francesco Maffei, Franciso Porcella, Jérémy Lentz, Jesse Richman, Jon McCabe, Kai Lenny, Leonardo Loro, Niccolo Porchela, Olivier Sautet, Patrick Rebstock, Shawn Richman, Teddy Lyons, Tiago Candelot, Titi Hamada, Top Hat, Wes Anderson, Yuri D'Ottavi

Kama'aina Throw Down - Female: Kara Parker, Michelle Crompton, Raquel Lima, Samantha Campbell, Tatiana Howard

Kama'aina Throw Down - Male: Brett Lickle, Brian Hankins, Charles Edwards, Dan Elkayam, Ed Elsasser, Eric Stroeve, Hiro Nakajima, Jon McCabe, Kevin Collins, Klaus Simmer, Rafal, Maleszyk, Steve Sadler, Todd Davis, Tomas Aguirre, Ulli Walger, Wes Anderson, William King

Xensr Big Air Invitational - Female: Jalou Langeree, Natasha Gronski, Raquel Lima, Skylar Lickle

Xensr Big Air Invitational - Male: Charles Edwards, Cruser Putnam, Derek Quale, Flash Austin, Jesse Richman, Max Bo, Niccolo Porchella, Patri McLaughlin, Ryan Toaspern, Shawn Richman, Sky Solbach, Steve Sadler

Legends Heat: kiteboardings original heroes

The Opening and Registration Party will take place at Second Wind Maui on Thursday the 21st of November at 6pm.
Find more here: www.kspworldtour.com

Added: 2013-11-20

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