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Issue #52 Out Now!

Issue 52 is loaded up with bundles of energy, literally. Take in that cover! Imagine the forces involved in a wave being able to pitch like that, and then the balls it takes to stand right in its path! We get the scoop from Ben Wilson and co's incredible sessions at Cloudbreak, Fiji in May.

We also take a look at the work being done by some kiters who are using their sport to promote the green benefits of wind and a more ecological lifestyle before dishing some tips on how to control your strapless surfboard as it writhes against all that moving water.

Racing is now one of the fastest growing sides of kitesurfing, at least at event level in terms of the numbers of participants. We chat to the North team and check out the way raceboard shapes have drastically changed over just a few years and we suggest some ideal boards for first timers and those looking to take things more seriously.

As well as ragging up and down the coast on a handful of raceboards, the test team also delve into the realms of non-race-specific lightwind gear, including the Ozone Zephyr and Blade Fat Lady 17m kites, the RRD Addiction 16m and the North Dyno 16m as well as the RRD 10Knots twin-tip. The team also reports on the latest batch of regular 2011 gear.

Plus all your usual favourites, including tips on the popped indy grab, the strapless back loop kite loop, riding toe-side and much, much more!

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Added: 2011-07-06

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