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Introducing: Renske Herder

Name: Renske Herder

Age: 27
Where do you live?
Bonaire, Caribbean
Any sponsors?
No nothing major as yet, but I have a few things going on in the background. Until now I have been supported a little by a kite school called Kiteboarding Bonaire.
Best competition results?
None yet, but I would like to compete. I'm used to competing as I've done speedskating competitions all my life.
How did you get into kitesurfing?
I always wanted to surf, but it never really happened because I spent all my time speedskating. I chose kiteboarding because of the lack of waves here on Bonaire and in The Netherlands. I took a few lessons on Bonaire and that was it. After that I could go on my own and the people on the beach helped me.
Can you tell us about your local spot and why you like it?
My local spot is Atlantis, the kite beach on Bonaire. The wind is offshore and the water is crystal clear, light blue and warm and I can always go out without a wetsuit. Almost every day in the evening the water gets flat and it can often be just perfect. Besides the kiteboarding aspects, it's just a lot of fun to be on the beach because all the kiters know each other; it's a small island.
What is your favourite move and why do you like it so much?
I loved the raley-to-blind a lot, but it's getting a bit boring now. I loved it because it felt like I could do a 'real trick' for the first time, like it really counted to be able to do it. I think my next favourite trick will be the blind judge.

The Art of Kiteboarding - Renske Herder from 9media on Vimeo.

What move are you working on at the moment and what is the hardest thing about it?
Haha, I'm working on a lot of things actually. I landed a back-to-blind and S-bend-to-blind a few times but I want them to be more powerful and steady. I'm also working on the blind judge, the hardest thing for me is passing the bar in the air way before the landing. I now have the bar just with the landing, but I like to have it in my hands in the air and look around a bit and then land. I don't know what I'm doing wrong exactly, though. Besides that I have the raley-to-wrapped in my mind. I've only tried it once so far and it didn't work out. Haha - I saw some fish instead!
What are your hopes for your kitesurfing career?
I hope I'm not too old to reach the level that I have in me. I'm willing to try and see where I can get, but I have already run through a full sports career and this time it needs to be more focused on being a lot of fun. Kitesurfing is also a lifestyle and I would love to contribute to a nice brand with both my surfing and my art and design qualities. And of course, like everybody, I would like to see the world doing this sport and to make it my job.
Tell us about your artwork?
When I'm not kiteboarding I'm drawing and painting. A lot of artwork and illustrations are inspired by the ocean, kiteboarding and the island of Bonaire at the moment. My style is happy, curly and inspired by folk art, like Indian, African, Moroccan and Mexican. I love to make nice images that are highly decorative. I think it's important that people would want to have it on the wall, or that it's suitable as a fashion print. I make artwork on canvas but also on old kiteboards.
What is your day job?
Besides making art I work at Homestyle Bonaire - a very nice interior shop with beautiful decorations and furniture. Officially I'm an Industrial Design Engineer, but there is no work in that field here on this small island.

Photo of Introducing: Renske Herder  Photo of Introducing: Renske Herder  Photo of Introducing: Renske Herder  Photo of Introducing: Renske Herder  Renske Herder Grab 
Renske Herder Grab
Photo of Introducing: Renske Herder 

Find out more about Renske: www.renskeherder.nl

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