IKA SnowKite WorldCup 2018

Inaugural IKA SnowKite WorldCup Series confirmed


The 2018 IKA SnowKite WorldCup will feature Course Racing, Cross-Country and Formula GPS in three awesome locations



The inaugural IKA SnowKite WorldCup will include the well proven snowkite events in Reschensee and Roccaraso in Italy and Erciyes in Turkey.


The disciplines featured in 2018 will be


  • Course Racing on standard windward/leeward courses similar to sailing.
  • Long Distance / Cross-Country – a long distance race making use of the landscape at each spot, including climbs and descents.
  • Formula GPS – a freeride race format where riders will collect points depending of their use of the racing area, covered distance, altitude and other parameters.



Freestyle exhibition events may be added depending on the snow and weather forecast.

The aim of the SnowKite WorldCup is to give the world’s best snowkiters a competitive platform and the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) has been working with WISSA (World Ice and Snow Sailing Association) since 2009 on the development of rules. 



The first event of the 2018 World Cup will kick off from 26-28 January in Reschensee (Lago Di Resia), a venue that has been holding international snowkite events including European Championships under IKA recognition since 2008. Reschensee is well known for its ideal snow and wind conditions and for playing host to one of the longest running snowkite events.

The tour will then move to Roccaraso in Alto Sangro, Abruzzo, where the World Snowkite Contest has become a classic event for many riders due to its perfect conditions and the terrain making it ideal for cross country racing and Formula GPS freeracing. It’ll run from 15-18th February.



The tour final will be held from 22 – 25th March at a new venue for the IKA, but a well known place in the world of snowboarding – Erciyes in Turkey. Erciyes, near Kayseri, is one of the annual stops of the FIS snowboard world tour, but also home to the annual Erciyes SnowKite Festival. The venue well above the timber line allows for all three disciplines to be held to crown the first SnowKite WorldCup champions.


More information, and to register, head to www.snowkiteworldcup.com

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