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HTC Atlantic Kite Challenge

Kitesurfers in non-stop Atlantic Ocean crossing

A team of six kitesurfers will make the over 6000 km crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in two weeks

In this challenge six kitesurfers are to embark on the non-stop crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. The group will leave between 20 and 25 November from the port of Fuerteventura and, following the South Atlantic route, are expected to arrive in the Caribbean 2 to 3 weeks later, depending on the weather. The kitesurfers will take over from one another every two hours during the 6000-km long journey, surfing both day and night. In this longest ever ‘downwinder’ they will be supported by a 50-foot catamaran, the Lagoon 500 Double A, and its professional crew.

In search of the ‘6th Rider’
The participants of the HTC Atlantic Kite Challenge are initiator and founder of Enable Passion Filippo van Hellenberg Hubar (NL), along with Max Blom (NL), Camilla Ringvold (NO), Bruno Sroka (FR) and Mark Abma (CA). The team is still searching for the sixth and final kitesurfer. Through the “6th Rider Contest” the team would like to give one fortunate kitesurfer the possibility of joining this tremendous adventure. Those interested can register via the website of Enable Passion. Submissions will be accepted until Sunday 6 October 23:59 CET.

REGISTER HERE: enablepassion.com/6th-rider-contest/

“The idea for the HTC Atlantic Kite Challenge came about from my passion for kitesurfing and business ventures. One day I felt inspired to combine the two,” explains Filippo Hubar. “I wanted to find out whether something that initially looked so impossible could be achieved with the right motivation and dedication. The idea slowly took form and resulted in a team of committed people. All those involved are contributing in their own way to realising this joint goal.”

HTC main sponsor
HTC, worldwide leader in mobile innovation and design, is supporting this project. Through their sponsorship Enable Passion is able to charter the catamaran and crew that will support the group during their journey. The other sponsors Mystic, Urge and GoPro will be supporting the team with equipment. The team remains open to any further collaborations that could contribute to the success of this challenge.

“The challenge facing the kitesurfers is difficult to put into words. The enormous drive that has led to the realisation of this project reflects the HTC brand,” says Mark Moons, HTC General Manager Western Europe. “With the Here’s to Change campaign we want to challenge our public to make change and innovation possible. We believe in ‘change makers’, such as the people behind Enable Passion. They have a different outlook on the world and push back boundaries. We recognise ourselves in the passion shown by the team and are therefore delighted to help make this possible for Enable Passion.”

Enable Passion
The HTC Atlantic Kite challenge is organised by the Enable Passion foundation. This non-profit foundation strives to inspire people in realising their passions, by organising and carrying out extraordinary and pioneering projects.

Find out more information on the website: www.enablepassion.com

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