Why a guided kitesurf holiday is the quickest way to progress

Why a guided kitesurf holiday is the quickest way to progress


A great way to improve your kitesurfing is with a guided trip. On a guided holiday spots are limited, allowing you maximum individual coaching and training from a seasoned pro.

One such trip run by Planet Kitesurf is the Kirsty Jones Luxury Mauritius Kitesurf Clinic. Kirsty is a three-time Kitesurf World Wave Champion and in 2002 she was the first person to kitesurf from Ireland to Wales.

Here are four reasons why a guided kite trip is worth considering.


1. It means no worries

On a guided holiday you can relax and sit back knowing that all your needs are catered for. From excursions, to accommodation, equipment, lessons, food and entertainment – a guided trip has you covered. This means you can spend less time worrying about the planning and your day’s events and spend more time on your kitesurfing!



2. The best location is chosen for you

The perfect location allows you to progress your skills quickly as you are not battling against too strong or too little wind and unpleasant sea conditions. Guided kitesurf holidays are always held at the very best locations with the guides picking their favourite tried and tested spots. They have the expertise after all! Kirsty loves Le Morne in Mauritius because it is the place to kitesurf in September. It is difficult to find great conditions for kitesurfing at this time of year but Mauritius delivers with 90% reliability, a huge flat water lagoon and awesome waves – making it the ideal spot for all levels.



3. Personal instruction from a professional

A guided holiday means one-on-one lessons with a professional that are tailor-made to your needs. Learning from a professional means you get to benefit from their many years of knowledge and wisdom, learning not only how to progress but also all about competition strategies, how to train and how to get into the right mindset. Kirsty Jones always integrates her own training, techniques, and daily routine into her holidays, which includes yoga sessions in the mornings or evenings, and a variety of surfing and SUPing adventures, designed for a healthy body and mind.



4. You are taken care of both on and off the water

On a guided holiday, your experience doesn’t end on the water. You get to spend time with like-minded people around the dinner table or while sipping on cocktails at the end of the day and thus your learning doesn’t end when your lesson stops! The St Regis, where Kirsty runs one of her camps, is ideal because it offers so much more than just a great kitesurfing venue – from free water sports, to an on-site gym and spa, planned poolside activities and a variety of amazing restaurants right at the resort there is plenty to do! There is even a free kids club if you do want to bring the entire family along!


To find out more about the various guided kiting trips that Planet offer go to Planet Kitesurf’s website or to, book on the Kirsty Jones Mauritius clinic, visit the website here.



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