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Go over the limit to discover new horizons

Mitu Monteiro and ENERGICACRP has chosen as testimonial for its advertising campaign dedicated to the electric street motorcycle ENERGICA, the world champion kite Mitu Monteiro.
Modena. Mitu Monteiro is an athlete with international reputation well-known even outside kitesurfing, a popular sport among young people who love the sea, nature and adrenaline! To kitesurf you need a sail, a surfboard and wind to start flying between the sky and the waves of the sea.
Spectacular discipline that uses a board with a sail that can be controlled (powerkite) and that is blown by the wind. Acrobatics, almost like a dance. An art that Mitu Monteiro is able to interpret and reinvent, creating his own technique, recognizable everywhere for those who love riding the waves of the ocean. A guy who does not forget his homeland despite being constantly travelling, for new kitesurfing challenges.
Mitu has pursued his dream and today he represents one of the most important character in the field of extreme water sports such as kitesurfing, but not only. Mitu Monteiro is considered the pioneer of the discipline called Strapless freestyle, namely the use of the surfboard for leaps and pirouettes with the kite.
This technique led him to open a new frontier of the kite, his desire is indeed to go beyond the limit to the discovery of other perspectives.
Those who love the sport needs to project to new realities. World Champion in 2008 in the category of KPWT, and today he is an athlete with deep experience. He has founded a kitesurfing school in a famous Italian tour operators.
Mitu Monteiro invents, dreams, and always put into practice new tricks, new techniques and maneuvers that can not wait to pass on to those who, like himself, shares his passion, just as he did with the CRP project ENERGICA. The desire to go further and further, to create something new that will unite, who loves and recognizes innovative thinking and pioneering. Now the goal is to project the kite and super green technology to new horizons, new challenges ... into the future
The sport is the winning factor, in which we compare two worlds that are very close to each other, on one hand the Cape Verdean Mitu Monteiro and on the other the Italian superbike ENERGICA. Mitu Monteiro and ENERGICAAdrenaline, boldness, strength and passion are characteristics common to both, because for speeding and caress ocean waves with a surf board, it takes grit and determination and a great love for the sea. As CRP has had to get involved, body and soul into a project that started from a blanket sheet and now it has become the first Italian prototype of electric motorcycle.
Mitu "I am pleased that CRP has asked me to be the testimonial of ENERGICA for their advertising campaign because I believe in their values, so close to mine, for tenacity and the desire to play the game without fear. The sea for me is life, freedom and it must be defended, as well as the whole environment around us. Extreme water sports like kitesurfing can transform the risk into a positive value, as well as a supersport eco-friendly motorcycle able to perform high speed. It will be a wonderful adventure together. "
The desire to give a strong impetus for a change and the will of creating a vehicle that could be 100% eco-friendly in order to support the environment.
Mitu: "Water sports such as kite surfing can be compared to riding an electric motorbike. They give you the inspiration to tell stories of people moved by love for outdoors, respect for nature and the ability to enjoy a great sense of freedom that these two disciplines are able to give. "
CRP has chosen Mitu Monteiro because he can ride the sea with skillful grace. An innate art that can be found in this man of Cape Verde that is world champion.
Mitu: "ENERGICA is an ambitious project, created by the skilful hand of an Italian company that represents a point of reference in high-performing vehicles like I do represent for the extreme water sports.
Kiteboarding is a new sport that is oriented to future and innovation. New emotions, new feelings along with the endless passion of those who practice it. The affinity with ENERGICA is very clear because even an electric motorbike moves towards a brand new world, inspiring people to live the joy of freedom without damaging the nature.'
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