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Denmark TourThis year's first competition in the tour on the 10th of May unfortunately couldn't be held as the wind failed us. The second competition in Zealand was held as a mobile competition so on Saturday morning the 31st of May every competitor was driving to get to the wind. The best chance of wind was in Faroe, a small island situated in between two bigger islands which means this spot usually gets wind because of the channel effect when the rest of Denmark does not. The local surf center Surfcenter Falster very quickly got everything organized to greet the kitesurfers at their home spot.
The wind was on and off all of Saturday but we managed to finish the A class and the girls class as the wind picked up in the afternoon. In the A class we saw tricks as S-mobe, Backmobe, 313, Blind Judge, kiteloop HP class and in the end the Danish Champion Troels Engholm was competing against Timo Sander. It was a very close race and the judges had to confer for 10 min. to get to a decision. The results was:
1.Troels Engholm
2. Timo Sander
3. Tomas Sch?dt
The girl's class usually has very few competitors and this year is no exception. But this year a new girl joined and this changed the results somewhat. The Danish Champion Helle Johansen ended up competing against Maria Andersen. Helle had difficulties in the light wind even with her S-bends that are usually a sure bet and ended up third in the first elimination and in the end newcomer Maria took first place with some nice Raileys. Tricks in Q class: Backside rotations with grabs, Raileys, DL-Raileys, S-Bends, DL-S-Bends, Transitions with grabs and rotations, Kite loop roations.

1. Maria Andersen
2. Helle Johansen
3. Christin Egebjerg
As always there's room for everyone in B class and everything counts here ? even attempts. At this year's first competition with wind the B class had a very wide range of tricks from just toeside to more advanced stuff like down loop double S-bend, Blind Judge and Air Pass. It seems the B class get's better every year and we'll have to consider a new system for getting the more advanced riders to join the A class. The top 5 was close but in the end Emil winner of the first elimination had to see the first place go to Jacob Rein who proved his worth with tricks like Blind Judge and Double Down loop S-Bend with power and style. Jakob also won a years subscription to Kiteworld!
1. Jacob Rein
2. Emil H?j Christiansen
3. Jacob Brun
Coming Competitions:
9-10 of August
20-21 of September - The island of Funen.
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Added: 2008-06-15

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