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As we approach the start of the new PKRA season, contenders for the crown have been busy beavering away in various cult kite capitals of the world to crack new moves and gain their advantage.
None have been working harder than the fearless Brit-pack threesome of Lewis Crathern, Neal Hilder and Aaron Hadlow. This ever-progressive trio came up with the Bosch Mobe towards the end of their season in Cape Town, South Africa. Here's what it's all about according to Aaron:
"Together with Lewis Crathern and Neal Hilder we came up with a single word to describe a hard landing with the kite low: BOSCH.

"BOSCH started to get used more and more until one day we were sitting around in Cape Town watching a wake board movie when we came up with an idea for a new move. First off we all agreed how sick olays in wake boarding are and wanted to bring it into kiting somehow. I managed to get some really good ones nailed and then after another good 'sitting around' session we saw clearly how possible it would be to continue the rotation to add a flat 3.

"A couple of days before i left SA we had a perfect day with good kickers, the guys were pushing me to do it and i was coming close. Finally I made it and we all went crazy. None of us had ever seen this move before so we named it the BOSCH MOBE.
"Basically you go for a flat 3, but instead of passing the bar you slacken the lines up and wrap the bar over your head performing an olay, then you carry on the rotation one handed and pull a flat 3 on the way down...obviously the kite has to be low to make it look good - hence the BOSCH Mobe!"
To see the Bosch Mobe in full effect, go to

Added: 2007-04-10

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