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BKSA Wavemasters - Ireland

1. Will Bennet
2. Richard Sills
3. Rob Sayer
1. Kirsty Jones

2. Debbie Kennedy

3. Celine Coullard
1. Richard Gowers

2. Trevor Hale

3. Marc Rowley

A record number of riders registered in this the 5th year of the BKSA Wavemasters with 24 Men, nine seniors and four Ladies. Competition kicked off on the Tuesday with a strong Southerly wind, meaning the beach of choice was Stony Gap - a great little spot which had great grass rigging areas in the dunes and a great viewing platform. Riders were well powered on 9 , 8 and even 7m kites, however the waves were small, only 2ft at best. The ladies and seniors were first out in a mix of heats and performed well under the tough conditions.
On the Wednesday the forecast was SW so everyone headed to Gowlane at 10am. The event was set up and the wind blew through enough to run the final of the ladies. World Champ and former two time BKSA Wavemaster winner Kirsty Jones took the win on round one. The wind did not play ball for the Seniors who were left standing around on the beach waiting for the wind to fill in, which of course it didn't. Competition was called off at 4:30 pm.
The Thursday was forecast to be the best day and delivered wind from the North giving starboard riding. The swell increased steadily throughout the day reaching 5ft towards the finals at Dumps. The day kicked off with the semis of the Seniors, and followed on with the Men's. Richard Gowers was saw off Trevor Hale to win the senior event and Paul Stebbings was placed 1st in the Men's beating Richard Sills in the first rounds.
Round 2 saw the wind pick up and most of the top riders get through as predicted, with Ryan Coote and Richard Sills still in the comp. Round 3 saw some upsets though and early departures for Neal Gent, George Noble, James Waters and Dave Ibbertson. The Final, with now 5 judges on hand, saw three time BKSA Wavemasters champ Will Bennett up against Richard Sills ? his toughest opponent to date. Richard had some great waves and smacked vertical, however Will's linked turns and smacked lips, along with his uncanny wave selection secured another win for the 4th year in a row.
The swell had picked up on the Friday even more as the wind swung a touch more offshore. Stony Gap was the beach of choice for today's events. Two more rounds of Ladies heats took place with starboard conditions favouring Debbie Kennedy and Kirsty Jones who both rode some long walls and got some great riding in. Celine Coullard put in a great try on her backhand however it was not enough and she took third with Debbie second and Kirsty first. The Men and Seniors then went for a free session as it was to light to run an official competition.
For more information visit www.britishkitesurfingassociation.co.uk
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