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Liquid Force (issue # 10 Jul/Aug '04)

The Liquid Force Spectrum kite is available now, complete with small diameter carbon bar with powerlock technology and 27m lines. Each size of the Spectrum is designed individually - the aspect ratio is adjusted for each, the kite...

Liquid Force (issue # 10

Hana Crew (issue # 10 Jul/Aug '04)

Big changes afoot in the Hana Crew line up. New additions include the Genesis 2, a 135 x 37 cm tri-fin wave machine with maximum flex to achieve snappy cut backs and increased pop. The Matrix 2 120cm x 36cm has a new, boxier outli...

Hana Crew (issue # 10 Jul

Gin (issue # 10 Jul/Aug '04)

After 17 years at the top of the paragliding world, Gin Designer Gin Seok Song has turned his attention to kites. The Yoz (Chinese for kite) was Gin's first production model. After a further two year development phase, the Yoz 2 h...

Gin (issue # 10 Jul/Aug '

DVNT (issue # 10 Jul/Aug '04)

DVNT kiteboards are designed, tested and manufactured in New Zealand, where they've proved themselves in a broad range of conditions. Their designers have been perfecting the sidewall construction technique for the last year. The ...

DVNT (issue # 10 Jul/Aug

Cabrinha (issue # 10 Jul/Aug '04)

Cabrinha's new light-wind weapon is the Contra, which will see you ripping in 5-10 knots of wind. Designed a little differently to the traditional arc design of other inflatables, the Contra's 'Pro Span' arc produces power equival...

Cabrinha (issue # 10 Jul/

AP Kiteboarding (issue # 10 Jul/Aug '04)

We introduced AP Kiteboarding here last issue. They've now released two boards, a 125 and a 138. Each has a progressive concave between the footstraps, making them easy to edge upwind and plane early with grip for take-offs. The b...

AP Kiteboarding (issue #

Wipika (issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

The Central Line System (CLS), is now available from Wipika. It's a simple and effective safety system, comprising of an additional line that attaches to the leading edge of your kite at one end, and to you at the other. Activate ...

Wipika (issue # 09 May/Ju

Takoon (issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

The new Takoon Skoop 3 kites have the lowest diameter leading edge tubes on the market. Rigidity is maintained thanks to the Wing Span Line (WSL), which acts like a backbone for the kite. The reduced diameter allows for a reduced ...

Takoon (issue # 09 May/Ju

Slingshot (issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

Many late nights in the Gorge shop of John Doyle have produced the 2004 SX board range from Slingshot. John describes the 122 as a, 'Bucket-throwing good time. It jumps, pops and delivers the ultimate joyride in a freeride board'....

Slingshot (issue # 09 May

Peter Lynn Arc (issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

Peter Lynn's new range of Arc kites reflect the latest trends in kiteboarding: lower aspect ratios for more stability, smoother flight and awesome pop for unhooked wake-style moves. The new Arcs sport a slightly increased profile ...

Peter Lynn Arc (issue # 0

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