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AP Kiteboarding (issue # 10 Jul/Aug '04)

We introduced AP Kiteboarding here last issue. They've now released two boards, a 125 and a 138. Each has a progressive concave between the footstraps, making them easy to edge upwind and plane early with grip for take-offs. The b...

AP Kiteboarding (issue #

Wipika (issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

The Central Line System (CLS), is now available from Wipika. It's a simple and effective safety system, comprising of an additional line that attaches to the leading edge of your kite at one end, and to you at the other. Activate ...

Wipika (issue # 09 May/Ju

Takoon (issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

The new Takoon Skoop 3 kites have the lowest diameter leading edge tubes on the market. Rigidity is maintained thanks to the Wing Span Line (WSL), which acts like a backbone for the kite. The reduced diameter allows for a reduced ...

Takoon (issue # 09 May/Ju

Slingshot (issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

Many late nights in the Gorge shop of John Doyle have produced the 2004 SX board range from Slingshot. John describes the 122 as a, 'Bucket-throwing good time. It jumps, pops and delivers the ultimate joyride in a freeride board'....

Slingshot (issue # 09 May

Peter Lynn Arc (issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

Peter Lynn's new range of Arc kites reflect the latest trends in kiteboarding: lower aspect ratios for more stability, smoother flight and awesome pop for unhooked wake-style moves. The new Arcs sport a slightly increased profile ...

Peter Lynn Arc (issue # 0

Flexifoil (issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

Had to happen, didn't it? Flexifoil have developed an Aaron Hadlow Pro Model. This twin tip originates from the same board Aaron currently rides on the world tour, and utilises a combination of aerospace technologies and snowboard...

Flexifoil (issue # 09 May

Brunotti 2005 Range(issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

This year sees Brunotti release a custom range of limited edition boards from their headquarters in Scheveningen in Holland. All are designed by Jinne who has used a formica top layer, ABS sidewalls and a specially developed high ...

Brunotti 2005 Range(issue

AP Kiteboarding(issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

After a year's development and testing in the Tubingen laboratory in Germany and on the South African coast, AP Kiteboarding will put two new boards on the market in spring 2004. The boards are vacuum-laminated for a homogenous an...

AP Kiteboarding(issue # 0

All Good Fun Kites(issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

All Good Fun have developed a range of high performance ram-air inflated traction kites. The Chikara ripstop nylon kites come in six sizes, from 2.8 to 12.5m, and are designed for all round use, with good lift for all wind strengt...

All Good Fun Kites(issue

Airush 2005 SWITCH (issue # 09 May/Jun '04)

The new 05 Switch is a revamp of the Airush Switch from last year. Spokesman, Trent Pedersen says they've taken the original outline and test winning bottom shape, and combined it with a new 15mm PVC lay-up for increased flex and ...

Airush 2005 SWITCH (issue

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