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2010 Course Racing Championships

1. Adam Koch
2. Bruno Sroka
3. Damien LeRoy
4. Sean Farley Gomez
1. Steph Bridge
2. Melissa Gil
3. Sandy Parker
4. Rainbow Monds

Adam Koch and Steph Bridge have come out as victors in the 2010 North American Kiteboarding Course Racing Championships which took place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Championship was a part of the huge Regatta Copa Mexico event. The event was great fun for riders and spectators alike, but unfortunately though the wind died over the last two days before the races could be completed.
Riders used the opportunity to ride the latest kiteboarding course racing boards, so efficient that they can work realistically in anything over six knots of wind.
Displaying all the cunning and guile needed to keep his racing nose in front, Adam Koch won with just one point separating him from third place. It was his consistency that stood firm and put him on top for the series at the end.
Women's winner Steph Bridge called the office when she got back and said:
'The racing was highly competitive. The level has stepped up again with changes in fins, line length and board design.The spirit is positive as we head towards the race World Championships in Texas in six weeks time. Many people have been working hard on their 'boat handling', fitness and tweaking parts of their equipment to give them the winning edge.'
Next up for kiteboarding course racing is the world championships held from the 22nd to the 25th April in Corpus Christi, Texas. You can find more information on this event here: www.njsdesigns.org
Steph Bridge keeps an interesting blog at home and whilst on her travels. Sometimes it's about kiteboarding, other times it's about climbing coconut trees and food! She's also recently posted bits and pieces on our Boa Vista trip that is featured in issue #44, out now. Click here for Steph's blog.
Kiteworld mag issue #44Steph Bridge rides an offshore reef in issue #44 and takes us to other remote waves in Boa Vista, Cape Verdes in issue #44. Read more here.
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