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2007 PKRA World Tour - Venezuela Results

The fifth and final day of the Movistar Kiteboarding World Cup 2007 in Isla Margarita, organized by Victor Martins of Windsurf Paradise & Hotel Coche Paradise and Ricardo Farr of Dynapro, kicked off with a huge crowd lining the beach cheering for their favorite riders under brilliant sunny skies. The wind was noticeably lighter during the morning but gradually picked up during the afternoon competition, forcing most of the riders to take out their larger kites. As the day wore on, the wind started to back off again but left enough to run the Best Trick competition.
The competition got started around 12pm with round four of the women's doubles. Ania Grzelinska (North, Poland) took to the water first, fresh from her three straight wins yesterday, going up against British rider Jo Wilson (Naish). Grzelinska showed a lot of surface pass tricks delivering a raley to wrapped, raley to blind, back to wrapped and front to blind while Jo nailed a raley to cling and a big downloop to blind, but it was not enough to win against the surging Grzelinska.
Round seven of the men's doubles followed, thrilling the fans on the beach with a very close fight between #3 Youri Zoon (Slingshot, Netherlands) and #4 Alvaro Onieva (Best, Spain) who both displayed an arsenal of tricks. Zoon landed more tricks overall but repeated some moves, such as slim chances and front mobes, while trying to go for a double pass. Onieva gave more variety and ample switch moves, including a regular and switch slim chance, a nice mobe 5 and a huge blind judge 3, to secure the win in the quarterfinals.
Grzelinska then faced off against 6th ranked Karolina Winkowska (Naish, Poland) in the fifth round riding well with raley to wrapped, raley to blind and front to blind. However, Winkowska's superb airpasses and amazing powered moves proved hard to beat. Karolina, who was coming on strong last year, has definitely been doing her training over the winter, unleashing a big L3, a raley to blind, a powered blind judge and front and back to blind,
to advance to the semifinals.
Onieva, who has been on a winning rampage since round four, went head-to-head with Ruben Lenten (Slingshot, Netherlands) in Heat #33. The lighter winds favored Onieva's 'skate' riding style and he was able to thrill the crowds with his excellent kiteboarding skills, superior technical riding and well rounded repertoire of switch moves. He impressed the judges and his fans with an awesome and incredibly smooth front mobe to blind, mobe to wrapped and regular and switched slim chances. Lenten, as always, provided some good show stoppers by riding fast and powered, but lacked some switch moves which proved to be his downfall.
In an alternating fashion, the semifinals of the women's doubles hit the water next with Winkowska charging and delivering her impressive, big moves against Gisela Pulido (Slingshot, Spain). Karolina landed a powered mobe
and L3, but crashed a 313 and blind judge, losing her edge over the heat. Young Gisela, only thirteen but training since she was six and riding since she was eight, was able to answer back, her experience paying off for her. She wowed the beach and her fellow riders with a big 313, a blind judge and a slim chance as well as a back to blind to secure the win and a spot in the finals.
It was obvious that Onieva had his 'Wheeties' for breakfast with a side of 'fire in the belly' to continue his charge to meet up with Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, UK) in the finals. In a bid for the right to face the reigning champion for the top podium position, Onieva nailed down a mobe to wrapped, front mobe, regular and switch slim chance, KGB and a slim chance to blind in the dying seconds to beat his competitor Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands) in the semifinals. Langeree went for his big moves but came unstuck on front mobe 5 and mobe 7 attempts. He started with a huge front mobe and late pass mobe but struggled a bit with the failing wind, opening the door for Onieva.
Finally, the lighter winds and successive heats made Alvaro's luck run out against Hadlow. Aaron, determined to start the new year out with a win under his belt, nailed a slim chance 3, regular and switched KGB and slim chance, front mobe to blind and mobe 5. Onieva's steam had run out though, and although he delivered a nice mobe and front mobe, his kite angle was higher and overall he displayed less speed and power, allowing Aaron to claim the top podium spot and start the 2007 World Cup in the #1 position once again.
The women's finals provided the crowds much excitement and nailbiting suspense going into a winner's double elimination heat. Pulido won the first round of the women's doubles final with some solid moves landing a 313, slim chance and front and back to blind against Bruna Kajiya (Best, Brazil). Bruna was a bit underpowered with a smaller kite and only managed clean landings on a blind judge, raley to blind and back to blind while crashing her attemps for an S-bend 1 and NIS. In round two though, with lesson learned, Bruna came back charging with a larger kite, throwing down a beautiful powered and low kite angled non-inverted slim chance, 313, S-bend 1, blind judge, raley to wrapped, and back to blind. Pulido went for a variety of superb technical moves, nailing a slim chance, 313 and front mobe, but a higher kite angle and slower entry/exit speeds to her tricks gave the edge to Kajiya and the coveted top spot on the podium.
After a short rest period, the Best Trick/Big Air competition got under way with three heats for the men and one for the women. Heat #1 for the men consisted of Hadlow, Zoon, Villemarque, Court, Lenten and Schitzhofer, while Heat #2 consisted of Langeree, Onieva, Chatwell, Estrado and Jesus Fernandez. Advancing out of the first heat were Hadlow and Lenten, who gave outstanding performances, while Langeree and Chatwell were the victors of heat two. Hadlow slam dunked a front mobe 6 earning first place. Langeree displayed his skill using a one-hand Hasselhoff for the second place while Lenten earned the third spot with a tail grab mobe. The women's competition consisted of Pulido, Grzelinska, Wilson, Peral, Kajiya and Schibevaag. Pulido grabbed the top spot with a slim chance, Grzelinska won second place with a 720 front tail slide surface handle pass and Wilson's kite loop earned her third place.
An award for the Most Improved Rider went to Rocky Chatwell (Crazyfly, US) who received an H2O Audio waterproof iPod case. The PKRA is proud to announce that H2O Audio is the 2007 PKRA Kiteboard World Cup product sponsor. H2O Audio manufactures waterproof housing for Apple iPod Nano 1st Gen and 2nd Gen. The waterproof iPod case is submersible up to 10ft/3m (when paired with H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones). Commander? Scroll Wheel allows function of the iPod Click Wheel in the water or while wearing a glove. It comes with the LatchTight? locking system, SealTight? connector (compatible with standard 3.5mm headphone plugs) and Sport Armband.
Men's Double Elimination Final Results:
1) Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, UK)
2) Alvaro Onieva (Best, Spain)
3) Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands)
4) Ruben Lenten (Slingshot, Netherlands)
Women's Double Elimination Final Results:
1) Bruna Kajiya (Best, Brazil)
2) Gisela Pulido (Slingshot, Spain)
3) Karolina Winkowska (Naish, Poland)
4) Jo Wilson (Naish, UK)
Men's Best Trick/Big Air Results:
1) Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, UK)
2) Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands)
3) Ruben Lenten (Slingshot, Netherlands)
Women's Best Trick/Big Air Results:
1) Gisela Pulido (Slingshot, Spain)
2) Ania Grzelinska (North, Poland)
3) Jo Wilson (Naish, UK)
H2O Audio Most Improved Rider Award:
Rocky Chatwell (Crazyfly, US)
For more information on rider rankings, up to the minute results and the world tour, be sure to check out:
After two days of wind delay, the third day of the Movistar Kiteboarding World Cup 2007 got started with a bang. There were clear sunny skies as usual and the wind was definitely stronger in El Yaque compared to the past few days in Coche, averaging between 15 to 20 knots (5 bft), building from early in the morning throughout the afternoon, and peaking at around 2pm.
As early as 9am, competitors were already seen on the water with their kites up practicing in preparation for the day's event. As the day wore on, riders commented that the wind became more gusty, fluctuating with occasional 'holes' (no wind or light wind.) A press conference was held at 10:30am where the competition was formally introduced to the members of the media and press. Among those present, giving interviews and answering media questions were a representative of Movistar, the title sponsor, Victor Martins, an event sponsor and the proud owner of El Yaque Paradise and Coche Paradise Hotel and event organizer Ricardo Farr of Dynapro. The press conference was concluded at 11 am just in time to coincide with the start of the single eliminations.
First out of the gate for the men in the singles, Petr Tyushkevich (Cabrinha, Russian Federation) went up against local star Leo 'Iceman' Estredo (Slingshot, Venezuela) who couldn't seem to get his form going, meanwhile Petr landed some solid switch moves including several slims and mobes. Tom Hebert (France, Airush), a new emerging threat, landed some nice switch tricks including a fast and powered KGB, slim and mobe in his match against Randy Hereman (F-One, Netherlands). Madison Van Heurck (Naish, Virgin Islands, US), also came out firing against Mallory Dela Villemarque showing some nice power, nailing regular and switch KGB's, regular and switch mobe 5s, a front mobe to blind and a mobe to wrapped.
In the fourth heat, Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands), the #2 seed who has been training hard over the winter, displayed a solid round of his latest tricks including a late pass back mobe, a front mobe 5, double s-bend 1, a
huge KGB and switch front mobe against local Felix Martins (North, Venezuela) securing his spot in the next round. In the 9th heat, Russian Petr Tyushkevich knocked out new hope Tom Hebert with more solid switch moves than the New Caledonian, while Madison Van Heurck's newly improved trick list was no match for Rui Meira (Naish, Portugal), in the 10th heat. Meira showed perfection in almost all his moves, in regular and switch form, including the slim and KGB which left Madison struggling for answers and unable to best his Portuguese rival.
Cesar Portas (North, Spain) beat Etienne Lhote (F-One, France) with multiple switch moves, displaying more power and speed from a lower kite including a regular and switch aerial back to blind, mobe and slim. Lhote also gave a strong performance but suffered from back pain after a big move saying on the beach later that he thinks he crushed a disk and may be out for the rest of the season. In Heat #12B, Aaron Hadlow went head to head with Sebastien Garat (RRD, France) performing astonishing moves from his bag of tricks including a mobe 7, regular and switch slims, KGB and switch aerial back to blind, while Garat only managed to land a mobe to wrapped and regular and switch KGB.
In the quarterfinal heats, Youri Zoon (Slingshot, Netherlands), who has been suffering from a knee injury all winter, but hot to continue his winning streak from last year, beat out Petr Tyushkevich. Petr, a top contender with
good chances for the 2007 season, unfortunately pulled out during his heat due to a severe injury of his foot and ankle while landing a trick. It is still uncertain if he will be able to continue with the tour this year. Heat #13B saw a battle of Naish team members 'Big Kev' Langeree and Rui Meira. Langeree proved once again to be the 'energizer bunny' in disguise, unleashing twelve powered handle-pass tricks in seven minutes to oust Meira, who despite a solid showing of switch tricks, was unable to match Langeree's more technically difficult front mobe 5, mobe wrapped, and switch mobe. Langeree continued his winning rampage in the semi-final heat beating out fellow countryman Zoon with an arsenal of switch moves, as well as greater height and technical variety, earning a place in the final.
Hadlow, promising yet another year of radical kiteboarding, was the victor of his battle against good friend and rival Ruben Lenten (Slingshot, Netherlands), who is back from his ankle injury last year. Lenten, on a mission to regain his top seeding, beat out #4 Alvaro Onieva (Best, Spain) in an earlier clash. Hadlow, however, secured his place in the final with superior technical difficulty knocking out a variety of switch moves and double passes. Overall, he made an astonishing total of 18 moves, 15 of which he landed and 16 included a bar pass, in only seven minutes, making him a new contestant in the energizer bunny competition! Ruben rode equally fast, huge and super-powered as always, with his notable big air mobe and KGB moves, but Hadlow's technical superiority proved to be the deciding factor
of the day.
The battle for first place in the men's single eliminations was an equally exciting event between Hadlow and Langeree, ending in a 3-2 judge's split decision. Langeree showed off some great innovation and variety in his moves including a one-handed late pass mobe and a huge high handle pass front mobe 5. Both men rode fast and powered, performing enormous tricks, but Hadlow's lower kite angle and superior switch trick skills won the day. In the battle for third place, fellow Dutchmen Lenten and Zoon went head-to-head with the former winning with more flair and variety, including his signature huge kiteloops along with a variety of grabbed moves, most notable of which were his tail grab mobe and mega high kite loop back loop. Zoon went for technical difficulty but came unstuck on a few landings giving the edge to Lenten.
The women's division have also stepped it up this year with more and more riders showing off technical and powerful moves such as aerial handle-pass tricks, slimchances, and mobes, which in the past were usually reserved for the men's division. In Heat #2B, young Gisela Pulido (Slingshot, Spain) showed her stuff by beating out Clarissa Hempel (Cabrinha, Brazil) with a slim, 313, front mobe and blind judge while Hempel went for huge kite loops and downloops. Karolina Winkowska (Naish, Poland) landed a powered mobe and a blind judge and won her heat compellingly against friend and fellow Polish countryperson, Ola Tomkowicz (Best.)
In the quarterfinals, Ania Grzelinska (North, Poland) unleashed an array of surface pass moves, while up and coming Pulido had several aerial pass tricks up her sleeves including an S-bend 3, a 313 and front mobe, to beat
out Ania for a spot in the semis. In separate quarterfinal heats, Winkowska landed a nice blind judge, front to blind, and 313 while Angela Peral (North, Spain) was only able to manage several surface pass moves including
a back to wrapped, raley to blind and downloop to blind, loosing her spot in the semis.
Pulido continued her charge to the podium overcoming Jo Wilson (Naish, UK) in the semis with a front mobe, 313, slim and aerial back to blind. Wilson replied, going for mobes and an aerial back to blind, but without success. Bruna Kajiya (Best, Brazil) defeated Winkowska's mobe and 313 in their semifinal heat and astonished the crowd when she landed an NIS, S-bend 3 and aerial back to blind, so smooth and powered that they rivaled the men's! She then went on to edge out Pulido for a first place finish. Winkowska landed a mobe and raley to blind ensuring her place on the podium in third, with Wilson taking fourth.
The single eliminations concluded around 4pm and the winners were presented on stage. After a 20-minute break, the double elimination round started with the first 4 heats of the men's side of the bracket. With the day and wind waning, the men's double eliminations did not offer as much excitement as the early single's rounds. Rocky Chatwell (Crazyfly, US) and Jeremy Tronet (France) had smooth wins over their respective opponents. Mallory de la Villemarque started his comeback by winning over North teammate Victor Adamo (Brazil). Reno Romeu (North, Brazil) also passed with regular and switch slims over Mikal Blomvall (JN Kites, Sweden). Blomvall struggled in the evening conditions with the 'holes' and gusty, lighter wind which did not provided enough power for his usual tricks. Pedro Bueno (Brazil) lived up to his name and was 'bueno' against Bas Koole (Best, Netherlands) with a kiteloop slim and aerial back to blind, while Christian Holley (Best, Spain) started his run up through the doubles in Heat #21 with a win over Russian Novozheev Evgeny showing off a solid display of kiteboarding skills, nailing a front mobe, mobe, slim and kiteloop 3. Philipp Brueckmann (Carved, Germany) also had an easy win over Michael Schitzhofer (Naish, Austria) keeping a lower kite and displaying faster, more powered kiting.
Men's Single Elimination Results:
1) Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, UK)
2) Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands)
3) Ruben Lenten (Slingshot, Netherlands)
4) Youri Zoon (Slingshot, Netherlands)
Women's Single Elimination Results:
1) Bruna Kajiya (Best, Brazil)
2) Gisela Pulido (Slingshot, Spain)
3) Karolina Winkowska (Naish, Poland)
4) Jo Wilson (Naish, UK)
Tomorrow's event will start with a skippers meeting at 10am and first
possible start at 10.30am.
For more information on rider rankings, up to the minute results and the world tour, be sure to check out:
The second day of the Movistar PKRA Venezuela Kiteboarding World Tour 2007 was greeted by warm, sunny, clear skies, although light winds continued to prevail most of the day, averaging only 7-8 knots (3 bft), still below competition minimum standards. The thermometer was pegged at 27 degrees Celsius (80.6 degrees Fahrenheit.) There were a few kiters who took to the water in El Yaque early in the morning with their 14 square metre kites,
however, the gentle breeze of the trade winds barely provided enough strength for professional tricks and in general, the wind is usually lighter in nearby Coche Island. The competitors spent much of the day relaxing at
the beach and in the Coche Paradise Hotel's striking new swimming pool, while the others found time to surf the Internet and checked out email.
The skippers meeting was held at exactly 12 noon and because of the wind conditions, the event immediately went into postponement. At around 2 pm, race director Eric Troostheide sounded the horn and ordered the raise of the AP flag, announcing that the first possible start would be at 2:30 pm. Competitors rigged their largest kites and watched countrymen Randy Hereman (F-One), Bas Koole (Best) and Youri Zoon (Slingshot) from the Netherlands, along with Mario Rodwald (Carved, Germany), Felix Martins (North, Venezuela) and Tom Court (North, UK) hit the water for their warm up session. Ironically, the wind ended up teasing the competitors, building and dropping for the next two hours until finally the competition was postponed for the day at 4:30pm.
Tomorrow, the competition moves to El Yaque on Margarita Island and everybody is hoping for more winds. The skippers' meeting is scheduled to take place at 10am, with first possible start at 10:30am.
For more information on rider rankings, up to the minute results and the world tour, be sure to check out:
With light winds prevailing, the first day of competition went under wind delay, with the east-northeast breeze lasting up until the evening. PKRA officials were hopeful at first, and although the wind started to pickup around 4pm, it was not up to competition standards, topping out at only 12 knots (4 bft.).
Although Coche Island and El Yaque are known for excellent wind conditions during the month of April, the opening day of the Movistar PKRA Kiteboarding World Cup 2007 in Venezuela was an exception. The day was greeted by light to gentle breezes averaging only between 5 to 10 knots (2-3 bft.) There were scattered clouds very early in the morning that parted to clear sunny skies.
The skippers meeting was held at exactly 10:00 am where the race director and head judge covered the competition format and the new rules for this year's tour. The meeting was immediately followed by the competition ladder drawing.
As the day drew to a close and the wind picked up slightly, there were a few riders who took the opportunity to inflate their largest kites for a free-ride session. Among those that went on the water were Clarissa Hempel (Cabrinha, Brazil) and Rocky Chatwell (Airrush, US.) Unfortunately, the wind continued to be below competition minimum standards and the PKRA officials decided to call it a day with tomorrow's skipper's meeting at 12:00pm and first possible start at 1:00pm.
The 2007 season of the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) world tour officially kicked off today. Expect this year to provide more thrills, fun and excitement both on and off the water as the world's best kitesurfers battle it out for top glory in several categories including freestyle, wave, speed and racing. Many world top-ranked riders promise to give current number one seed, Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, United Kingdom) in the male division, a run for his money as they vie not only for fame and the PKRA crown, but also, the much coveted prize money that is up for grabs this year.
This year's freestyle world tour will be held in 11 scheduled stops, from South America, Europe to Canada. Four new venues were added to the list of PKRA stops including Sicily and Chile, which will host the final freestyle competition and the only wave category on the tour. Walvis bay in Namibia will also host the second speed competition of the tour for the first time, as well as Weymouth in England, and Port St. Louis, France, promising yet another year of exciting and challenging kiteboarding experiences for the professional riders, from flat waters and clear blue skies to the most demanding conditions.
Last year, a total of 125 men and 38 women from 27 countries participated in the world tour, held in nine countries, which kicked-off in Venezuela and was concluded in Brazil. In the end, only a few hundred points separated the top seeds from each other in the freestyle category with Aaron Hadlow remaining unseated in the number one spot for the male division for the third year in a row, while Kristin Boese (Best, Germany) remained undefeated as the world champion in the female division for the second year in a row.
This year, Hadlow promises yet another season of radical kiteboarding and more technically difficult moves which will keep aspiring champion Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands), who's currently ranked number two, equally busy for the season. Kevin's fellow countryman Youri Zoon (Slingshot) is also contending for the number one spot. Mikael Blomvall (JN-Kites) of Sweden, who ranked 13th in Venezuela last year and currently fifth in the world, as well as Petr Tyushkevich (Cabrinha, Russian Federation), are also eyeing the top spot. Flat water gurus Alvaro Onieva (Best, Spain), Cesar Portas (North, Spain) and Rui Meira (Naish, Portugal) are equally strong contenders for the World Cup crown. Now that kiteboarding has become more radical and technical, the age group is becoming younger and younger.
The fight for the female crown will be exciting as well, with the likes of Bruna Kajiya (Brazil) eyeing the number one spot from Boese who has been doing extensive training in Australia. Current world number three Ania Grzelinska (North, Poland), Jo Wilson (Naish, United Kingdom) and Angela Peral (North, Spain), who ranked number 4 and 5 in the world respectively, will once again get another chance to prove their talent in the sport,
serving up more tight battles for the top spots on the podium again this year.
A total of 32 men and 11 women are registered from 17 countries for the kick-off of the 2007 season in the popular destinations of beautiful Coche and Margarita Islands, Venezuela.
The PKRA website has also undergone a face lift. With the new redesign all the individual disciplines of the PKRA, such as freestyle, speed, wave, and racing, are all in one easy-to-find location, complete with schedules,
rankings, news, daily press releases and competitor profiles.
Caribbean Winds has changed its name and web design to Extreme Elements in order to provide better coverage of the 2007 PKRA world tour. ExtremeElements.com, the official travel company and webcaster of this
year's tour will be providing continuous coverage of each tour stop with live results, live and/or recorded video, commentary of the day's happenings and the latest news, along with plenty of action and fun-filled photos.
For more information on rider rankings and the world tour, be sure to check out:
KGB Kiteboarding

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